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Activity: to ask simple questions and identifying sources of data [lo 5.1]

To use simple tables to collect data and answer questions [lo 5.2]

To organise and record data [lo 5.4]

To examine ungrouped numerical data and determining the mode, median and arithmetical average [lo 5.5]

To draw a variety of graphs [lo 5.6]

To read and interpret data critically [lo 5.7.2]

**This is an assignment for your portfolio. Read the instructions attentively before you begin working.

1. Record the shoe sizes of all the children in any clqss (besides your own) in the school

2. Present the information neatly in a table

3. Now present the information by means of a graph of your own choice

4. Determine the mode of the data

5. Determine the arithmetical average

6. Note down any interesting facts about the data that you have collected

Criteria Code
1 2 3 4
Completion Hardly any of the instructions have been carried out. Half of the instructions have been carried out. One or two instructions have not been carried out. All instructions have been carried out.
Neatness and organisation Work is untidy and unorganised. Organised but difficult to read. Neat, organised and easy to read. Neat, clearly set out and very easy to read.
Graph Virtually impossible to interpret. Data unorganised and difficult to interpret. Graph can be interpreted but is not 100% correct. The graph is ordered and data presented meaningfully. Easy to interpret.
Correctness of calculations All answers are incorrectly calculated. Many mistakes made. Few mistakes have been made. All answers are correctly calculated.


Learning Outcome 5: The learner will be able to collect, summarise, display and critically analyse data in order to draw conclusions and make predictions, and to interpret and determine chance variation.

Assessment Standard 5.1: We know this when the learner poses simple questions about own school and family environment, and identifies appropriate data sources in order to address human rights, social, political, cultural, environmental and economic issues in that environment;

Assessment Standard 5.2: We know this when the learner uses simple data collection sheets (requiring tallies) and simple questionnaires (with yes/no type responses) in order to collect data (alone or as a member of a group or team) to answer questions posed by the teacher, class and self;

Assessment Standard 5.4: We know this when the learner organises and records data, using tallies and tables;

Assessment Standard 5.5: We know this when the learner examines ungrouped numerical data to determine the most frequently occurring score (mode) and the midpoint (median) of the data set in order to describe central tendencies;

Assessment Standard 5.6: We know this when the learner draws a variety of graphs by hand/technology to display and interpret data (grouped and ungrouped);

Assessment Standard 5.7: We know this when the learner critically reads and interprets data presented in a variety of ways (including own representations, representations in the media - words, graphs, pie graphs) to draw conclusions and make predictions sensitive to the role of:

5.7.2: categories (e.g. age, gender, race).

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