Anatomy & Physiology 16 Neurological MCQ Exam


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Anatomy & Physiology 16 Neurological MCQ Exam
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Sample Questions from the Anatomy & Physiology 16 Neurological MCQ Exam Quiz

Question: Without olfactory sensation to complement gustatory stimuli, food will taste bland unless it is seasoned with which substance?





olive oil

Question: Which of the following could be a multimodal integrative area?


primary visual cortex

premotor cortex


Wernicke's area

Question: Which type of aphasia is more like hearing a foreign language spoken?


receptive aphasia

expressive aphasia

conductive aphasia

Broca's aphasia

Question: Where is language function localized in the majority of people?



right cerebral hemisphere


left cerebral hemisphere

Question: Which major section of the neurological exam includes subtests that are sometimes considered a separate set of tests concerned with walking?


mental status exam

cranial nerve exam

coordination exam

sensory exam

Question: What function would most likely be affected by a restriction of a blood vessel in the cerebral cortex?




facial expressions

knee-jerk reflex

Question: Which major section of the neurological exam is most likely to reveal damage to the cerebellum?


cranial nerve exam

mental status exam

sensory exam

coordination exam

Question: Which of the following could be elements of cytoarchitecture, as related to Brodmann's microscopic studies of the cerebral cortex?


connections to the cerebellum

activation by visual stimuli

number of neurons per square millimeter

number of gyri or sulci

Question: Memory, emotional, language, and sensorimotor deficits together are most likely the result of what kind of damage?



developmental disorder


gunshot wound

Question: What region of the cerebral cortex is associated with understanding language, both from another person and the language a person generates himself or herself?


medial temporal lobe

ventromedial prefrontal cortex

superior temporal gyrus

postcentral gyrus

Question: Which is an example of episodic memory?


how to bake a cake

your last birthday party

how old you are

needing to wear an oven mitt to take a cake out of the oven

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Disclaimer:  This course does NOT provide the education or experience needed for the diagnosing or treating any medical condition, all site contents are provided as general information only and should not be taken as medical advice.
Source:  OpenStax College. Anatomy & Physiology, OpenStax-CNX Web site., Jun 11, 2014
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