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23 . There are many lurking variables that could influence the observed differences in test scores. Perhaps the boys, on average, have taken more math courses than the girls, and the girls have taken more English classes than the boys. Perhaps the boys have been encouraged by their families and teachers to prepare for a career in math and science, and thus have put more effort into studying math, while the girls have been encouraged to prepare for fields like communication and psychology that are more focused on language use. A study design would have to control for these and other potential lurking variables (anything that could explain the observed difference in test scores, other than the genetic explanation) in order to draw a scientifically sound conclusion about genetic differences.

24 . To use random assignment, you would have to be able to assign people to either smoke or not smoke. Because smoking has many harmful effects, this would not be an ethical experiment. Instead, we study people who have chosen to smoke, and compare them to others who have chosen not to smoke, and try to control for the other ways those two groups may differ (lurking variables).

25 . Sources of bias include the fact that not everyone has a telephone, that cell phone numbers are often not listed in published directories, and that an individual might not be at home at the time of the phone call; all these factors make it likely that the respondents to the survey will not be representative of the population as a whole.

26 . Research subjects should not be coerced into participation, and offering extra credit in exchange for participation could be construed as coercion. In addition, this method will result in a volunteer sample, which cannot be assumed to be representative of the population as a whole.

2.1: stem-and leaf graphs (stemplots), line graphs, and bar graphs

27 . The value 740 is an outlier, because the exams were graded on a scale of 0 to 100, and 740 is far outside that range. It may be a data entry error, with the actual score being 74, so the professor should check that exam again to see what the actual score was.

28 .

Stem Leaf
6 2 4 5 5 8
7 0 2 2 4 5 5 5 6 8 8
8 1 3 3 4 5 7 8
9 2 5 8 8
10 0 0

29 . Most scores on this exam were in the range of 70–89, with a few scoring in the 60–69 range, and a few in the 90–100 range.

2.2: histograms, frequency polygons, and time series graphs

30 . R F = 7 35 = 0.2

31 . The range will be 0.5–1.5, and the central point will be 1.

32 . Range 1.5–2.5, central point 2; range 2.5–3.5, central point 3; range 3.5–4.5, central point 4; range 4.5–5.5., central point 5.

33 . The bar from 3.5 to 4.5, with a central point of 4, will be tallest; its height will be nine, because there are nine students taking four courses.

34 . The histogram is a better choice, because income is a continuous variable.

35 . A bar graph is the better choice, because this data is categorical rather than continuous.

2.3: measures of the location of the data

36 . Your daughter scored better than 80 percent of the students in her grade on math and better than 76 percent of the students in reading. Both scores are very good, and place her in the upper quartile, but her math score is slightly better in relation to her peers than her reading score.

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Probability tells you the likelihood of an event happening. ... The higher the probability, the more likely it is to happen. Probability is a number or fraction between 0 and 1. A probability of 1 means something will always happen, and a probability of 0 means something will never happen...
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