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33 . What is SS within in this experiment, and what does it mean?

34 . What is SS between in this experiment, and what does it mean?

35 . What are k and i for this experiment?

36 . If SS within = 374.5 and SS total = 621.4 for this data, what is SS between ?

37 . What are MS between , and MS within , for this experiment?

38 . What is the F Statistic for this data?

39 . If there had been 35 calves in each group, instead of 30, with the sums of squares remaining the same, would the F Statistic be larger or smaller?

13.3: facts about the F Distribution

40 . Which of the following numbers are possible F Statistics?

  1. 2.47
  2. 5.95
  3. –3.61
  4. 7.28
  5. 0.97

41 . Histograms F 1 and F 2 below display the distribution of cases from samples from two populations, one distributed F 3,15 and one distributed F 5,500 . Which sample came from which population?

This graph shows a histogram for an F distribution. The right-skewed graph peaks around 0.5. There is a gap from 3 to 4.67 and 3 bars, each with height 1, showing outliers from 4.67 to 5.67.
This graph shows a histogram for an F distribution. The right-skewed graph peaks just before 1. The right tail of the graph consists of 3 bars, each with height 1 and with gaps between each bar.

42 . The F Statistic from an experiment with k = 3 and n = 50 is 3.67. At α = 0.05, will you reject the null hypothesis?

43 . The F Statistic from an experiment with k = 4 and n = 100 is 4.72. At α = 0.01, will you reject the null hypothesis?

13.4: test of two variances

44 . What assumptions must be met to perform the F test of two variances?

45 . You believe there is greater variance in grades given by the math department at your university than in the English department. You collect all the grades for undergraduate classes in the two departments for a semester, and compute the variance of each, and conduct an F test of two variances. What are the null and alternative hypotheses for this study?

Practice test 4 solutions

12.1 linear equations

1 . e. A, B, and C.
All three are linear equations of the form y = mx + b .

2 . Let y = the total number of hours required, and x the square footage, measured in units of 1,000. The equation is: y = x + 4

3 . Let y = the total payment, and x the number of students in a class. The equation is: y = 100( x ) + 2,000

4 . Let y = the total cost of attendance, and x the number of years enrolled. The equation is: y = 3,000( x ) + 500

12.2: slope and y-intercept of a linear equation

5 . The independent variable is the hours worked on a car. The dependent variable is the total labor charges to fix a car.

6 . Let y = the total charge, and x the number of hours required. The equation is: y = 55 x + 75
The slope is 55 and the intercept is 75.

7 . y = 55(3.5) + 75 = 267.50

8 . Because the intercept is included in both equations, while you are only interested in the difference in costs, you do not need to include the intercept in the solution. The difference in number of hours required is: 6.3 – 2.4 = 3.9.
Multiply this difference by the cost per hour: 55(3.9) = 214.5.
The difference in cost between the two jobs is $214.50.

12.3: scatter plots

9 . The X and Y variables have a strong linear relationship. These variables would be good candidates for analysis with linear regression.

10 . The X and Y variables have a strong negative linear relationship. These variables would be good candidates for analysis with linear regression.

11 . There is no clear linear relationship between the X and Y variables, so they are not good candidates for linear regression.

12 . The X and Y variables have a strong positive relationship, but it is curvilinear rather than linear. These variables are not good candidates for linear regression.

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What Is The Confidence Interval
ala Reply
sample mean 25, sample standard deviation 20, sample size 200, calculate the confidence interval using the given values and the original confidence level of 90%.
Cady Reply
Can you help me in mathematical statistics problems?
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Pls who can help me to teach me statistics
i need tutor for statistics plz
the power of the test is
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please can anyone help me solve these questions below? I need help please.
a)An investor wants to eliminate seven of the investments in her portfolio by selling 4 stocks and 3 bonds. In how many can these be sold if among 25 securities in the portfolio,13 are stocks and the rest bonds?
a)If a random variable has the standard normal distribution,what are the probabilities that it will take on a value: i)Less than 1.64 ii)Greater than-0.47
b)A random variable has a normal distribution with a mean of 60 and standard deviation 5.2.What are the probabilities that the random variable will take on a value: i)Less than 65.2 ii)Between 48 and 72?
b)If the probability that an individual suffers a bad reaction from injection of a given serum is 0.001,use the Poisson law to calculate the probability that out of 2000 individuals i)Exactly 3 individuals will suffer a bad reaction. ii)More than 2 individuals will suffer a bad reaction.
b)The breakfast menu serve data popular 5-star Hotel in Accra consists of the following items: Juice-Mango,Grape,Apple. Toast-Whitewheat,Whole wheat. Egg:Fried,Hard-boiled,Scrambled. Beverage:Coffee,Tea,Cocoa.
Continuation of the last question.Assist the Hotel manager to determine the number of possible breakfast combinations that can be served, one from each category
please I need help.
Are you answering the last question?
please you guys should help me I need it so badly
bias came in sampling due to
Muzammil Reply
sampling error
what is the difference between population and sample
Sample is the group of individual who participate in your study. Sample is a subset of population. Population is the broader group of people to whom you intend to generalize the results of your study.
how do you find z if you only know the area of .0808
Cady Reply
construct a frequency distribution
How to take a random sample of 30 observations
Hamna Reply
you can use the random function to generate 30 numbers or observation
How we can calculate chi-square if observed x٫y٫z/frequency 40,30,20 Total/90
Insha Reply
calculate chi-square if observed x,y,z frequency 40,30,20total 90
find t value,if boysN1, ،32,M1,87.43 S1square,39.40.GirlsN2,34,M2,82.58S2square,40.80 Determine whether the results are significant or insignificant
The heights of a random sample of 100 entering HRM Freshman of a certain college is 157 cm with a standard deviation of 8cm. test the data against the claim that the overall height of all entering HRM students is 160 cm. previous studies showed that
Crispen Reply
complete the question.. as data given N = 100,mean= 157 cm, std dev = 8 cm..
Z=x-mu/ std dev
the power of the test is
find the mean of 25,26,23,25,45,45,58,58,50,25
Asmat Reply
add all n divide by 10 i.e 38
1 . The “average increase” for all NASDAQ stocks is the:
Jamshaid Reply
STATISTICS IN PRACTICE: This is a group assignment that seeks to reveal students understanding of statistics in general and it’s practical usefulness. The following are the guidelines; 1.      Each group has to identify a natural process or activity and gather data about/from the process. 2.     
Kofi Reply
The diameter of an electric cable,say, X is assumed to be continoues random variable with p.d.f f(x)=6x(1-x); ≤x≤1 a)check that f(X) is p.d.f b) determine a number b such that p(Xb)
Syed Reply
A manufacturer estimate 3% of his output is defective. Find the probability that in a sample of 10 items (a) less than two will be defective (b) more than two will be defective.
A manufacturer estimates that 3% of his output of a small item is defective. Find the probabilities that in a sample of 10 items (a) less than two and (b) more than two items will be defective.
use binomial distribution with parameter n=10, p= 0.03, q=0.97
the standard deviation of a symmetrical distribution is 7.8 . what must be the value of forth moment about the mean in order that distribution be a) leptokurtic b) mesokurtic c) platy kyrtic intrept the obtain value of a b and c
Tushar Reply

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