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130. Out of the years with water rationing, find the probability that there is a drought.

Use the following information to answer the next three exercises:

Apple Pumpkin Pecan
Female 40 10 30
Male 20 30 10

131. Suppose that one individual is randomly chosen. Find the probability that the person’s favorite pie is apple or the person is male.

132. Suppose that one male is randomly chosen. Find the probability his favorite pie is pecan.

133. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine if favorite pie type and gender are independent.

Use the following information to answer the next two exercises: Let’s say that the probability that an adult watches the news at least once per week is 0.60.

134. We randomly survey 14 people. On average, how many people do we expect to watch the news at least once per week?

135. We randomly survey 14 people. Of interest is the number that watch the news at least once per week. State the distribution of X . X ~ _____

136. The following histogram is most likely to be a result of sampling from which distribution?

This graph is an unlabeled histogram. The distribution is roughly symmetric. There is a single peak in the center of the graph and heights of bars decrease from that point toward each end of the graph.
  1. Chi-Square
  2. Geometric
  3. Uniform
  4. Binomial

137. The ages of De Anza evening students is known to be normally distributed with a population mean of 40 and a population standard deviation of six. A sample of six De Anza evening students reported their ages (in years) as: 28; 35; 47; 45; 30; 50. Find the probability that the mean of six ages of randomly chosen students is less than 35 years. Hint: Find the sample mean.

138. A math exam was given to all the fifth grade children attending Country School. Two random samples of scores were taken. The null hypothesis is that the mean math scores for boys and girls in fifth grade are the same. Conduct a hypothesis test.

n x ¯ s 2
Boys 55 82 29
Girls 60 86 46

139. In a survey of 80 males, 55 had played an organized sport growing up. Of the 70 females surveyed, 25 had played an organized sport growing up. We are interested in whether the proportion for males is higher than the proportion for females. Conduct a hypothesis test.

140. Which of the following is preferable when designing a hypothesis test?

  1. Maximize α and minimize β
  2. Minimize α and maximize β
  3. Maximize α and β
  4. Minimize α and β

Use the following information to answer the next three exercises: 120 people were surveyed as to their favorite beverage (non-alcoholic). The results are below.

Beverage/Age 0–9 10–19 20–29 30+ Totals
Milk 14 10 6 0 30
Soda 3 8 26 15 52
Juice 7 12 12 7 38
Totals 24 330 44 22 120

141. Are the events of milk and 30+:

  1. independent events? Justify your answer.
  2. mutually exclusive events? Justify your answer.

142. Suppose that one person is randomly chosen. Find the probability that person is 10–19 given that he or she prefers juice.

143. Are “Preferred Beverage” and “Age” independent events? Conduct a hypothesis test.

144. Given the following histogram, which distribution is the data most likely to come from?

This graph is an unlabeled histogram. The heights of the bars do not vary much across the distribution.
  1. uniform
  2. exponential
  3. normal
  4. chi-square


Chapter 3

1. c. parameter

2. a. population

3. b. statistic

4. d. sample

5. e. variable

6. quantitative continuous


  1. 2.27
  2. 3.04
  3. –1, 4, 4

8. Answers will vary.

Chapter 4

9. c. (0.80)(0.30)

10. b. No, and they are not mutually exclusive either.

Questions & Answers

change of origin and scale
3. If the grades of 40000 students in a course at the Hashemite University are distributed according to N(60,400) Then the number of students with grades less than 75 =*
Ahmad Reply
If a constant value is added to every observation of data, then arithmetic mean is obtained by
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sum of AM+Constnt
data can be defined as numbers in context. suppose you are given the following set of numbers 18,22,22,20,19,21
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what are data
Tyasia Reply
what is mode?
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what is statistics
statistics is a combination of collect data summraize data analyiz data and interprete data
what is mode
what is statistics
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It is the science of analysing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.
history of statistics
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statistics was first used by?
if a population has a prevalence of Hypertension 5%, what is the probability of 4 people having hypertension from 8 randomly selected individuals?
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Carpet land sales persons average 8000 per weekend sales Steve qantas the firm's vice president proposes a compensation plan with new selling incentives Steve hopes that the results of a trial selling period will enable him to conclude that the compensation plan increases the average sales per sales
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Supposed we have Standard deviation 1.56, mean 6.36, sample size 25 and Z-score 1.96 at 95% confidence level, what is the confidence interval?
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if Y=a+bX and X=c+dY the show that |r|= √hd where r is regression coefficient
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this is a linear function. I presume this will be solved simultaneously?
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sampling estimation hypothesis about question
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in an examination 60% passed in physics 52% passed in statistics. while 32% failed in both the subject's using relations between class frequencies in attributes find the percentage of student passed in both the subject's
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Find the multiple regression line Y on X1 and X2 from the following data, also interpret the estimated parameters and calculate standard error of estimate. Y 90 72 54 42 30 12 10 X1
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