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Group Showed improvement No improvement Deterioration
Used program 105 74 19
Did not use program 89 99 12

Given what you know, which study is correct?

There is not enough information given to judge if either one is correct or incorrect.

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The first study was performed by the company that designed the software program. The second study was performed by the American Medical Association. Which study is more reliable?

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Both groups that performed the study concluded that the software works. Is this accurate?

The software program seems to work because the second study shows that more patients improve while using the software than not. Even though the difference is not as large as that in the first study, the results from the second study are likely more reliable and still show improvement.

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The company takes the two studies as proof that their software causes mental improvement in stroke patients. Is this a fair statement?

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Patients who used the software were also a part of an exercise program whereas patients who did not use the software were not. Does this change the validity of the conclusions from [link] ?

Yes, because we cannot tell if the improvement was due to the software or the exercise; the data is confounded, and a reliable conclusion cannot be drawn. New studies should be performed.

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Is a sample size of 1,000 a reliable measure for a population of 5,000?

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Is a sample of 500 volunteers a reliable measure for a population of 2,500?

No, even though the sample is large enough, the fact that the sample consists of volunteers makes it a self-selected sample, which is not reliable.

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A question on a survey reads: "Do you prefer the delicious taste of Brand X or the taste of Brand Y?" Is this a fair question?

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Is a sample size of two representative of a population of five?

No, even though the sample is a large portion of the population, two responses are not enough to justify any conclusions. Because the population is so small, it would be better to include everyone in the population to get the most accurate data.

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Is it possible for two experiments to be well run with similar sample sizes to get different data?

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Bringing it together

Seven hundred and seventy-one distance learning students at Long Beach City College responded to surveys in the 2010-11 academic year. Highlights of the summary report are listed in [link] .

Lbcc distance learning survey results
Have computer at home 96%
Unable to come to campus for classes 65%
Age 41 or over 24%
Would like LBCC to offer more DL courses 95%
Took DL classes due to a disability 17%
Live at least 16 miles from campus 13%
Took DL courses to fulfill transfer requirements 71%
  1. What percent of the students surveyed do not have a computer at home?
  2. About how many students in the survey live at least 16 miles from campus?
  3. If the same survey were done at Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada, do you think the percentages would be the same? Why?
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Several online textbook retailers advertise that they have lower prices than on-campus bookstores. However, an important factor is whether the Internet retailers actually have the textbooks that students need in stock. Students need to be able to get textbooks promptly at the beginning of the college term. If the book is not available, then a student would not be able to get the textbook at all, or might get a delayed delivery if the book is back ordered.

A college newspaper reporter is investigating textbook availability at online retailers. He decides to investigate one textbook for each of the following seven subjects: calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, geology, and general engineering. He consults textbook industry sales data and selects the most popular nationally used textbook in each of these subjects. He visits websites for a random sample of major online textbook sellers and looks up each of these seven textbooks to see if they are available in stock for quick delivery through these retailers. Based on his investigation, he writes an article in which he draws conclusions about the overall availability of all college textbooks through online textbook retailers.

Write an analysis of his study that addresses the following issues: Is his sample representative of the population of all college textbooks? Explain why or why not. Describe some possible sources of bias in this study, and how it might affect the results of the study. Give some suggestions about what could be done to improve the study.

Answers will vary. Sample answer: The sample is not representative of the population of all college textbooks. Two reasons why it is not representative are that he only sampled seven subjects and he only investigated onetextbook in each subject. There are several possible sources of bias in the study. The seven subjects that he investigated are all in mathematics and the sciences; there are many subjects in the humanities, social sciences, and other subject areas, (for example: literature, art, history, psychology, sociology, business) that he did not investigate at all. It may be that different subject areas exhibit different patterns of textbook availability, but his sample would not detect such results.

He also looked only at the most popular textbook in each of the subjects he investigated. The availability of the most popular textbooks may differ from the availability of other textbooks in one of two ways:

  • the most popular textbooks may be more readily available online, because more new copies are printed, and more students nationwide are selling back their used copies OR
  • the most popular textbooks may be harder to find available online, because more student demand exhausts the supply more quickly.

In reality, many college students do not use the most popular textbook in their subject, and this study gives no useful information about the situation for those less popular textbooks.

He could improve this study by:

  • expanding the selection of subjects he investigates so that it is more representative of all subjects studied by college students, and
  • expanding the selection of textbooks he investigates within each subject to include a mixed representation of both the most popular and less popular textbooks.
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