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    The population standard deviation = _____

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a random variable is __________ if takes on a values continuous scale.
Loida Reply
merits of arithmetic mean
Priya Reply
formula of HM
n/sum(1/xi). this i is in subscript
this is HM formula
Thank you
So guys u can help me get better in statistics
class interval and class limit are same ?
Shantal Reply
what is a differnece between class interval and class boundries ?
I don't think so
interval between the element of class- class interval
class boundary consist of the upper and lower class limits but class class limit is the same decimal values as the data values
x 0 1 2 3 4 5 0.05 0.09 0.17 0.27 0.23 0.19 a) Find the probability that 1 or 2 smart phones have defects (show calculations). b) Find the probability that more than 3 smart phones have defects (show calculations). c) Find the probability that at most 2 smart phones have defects (show calculat
Mr Reply
Please expand on the number set data
what is proportion?
Ann Reply
A proportion is simply a statement that two ratios are equal
Two dice are thrown. Let A be the event that the sum of the upper face number is odd and be the event of at least one ace
Sana Reply
does proportion alwaus give u a yes or no answer for data
Adrienne Reply
frequency destribution
the Reply
7.The following data give thenumber of car thefts that occurred in a city in the past 12 days. 63711438726915 Calculate therange, variance, and standard deviation.
Mitu Reply
express the confidence interval 81.4% ~8.5% in interval form
Xx Reply
a bad contain 3 red and 5 black balls another 4 red and 7 black balls, A ball is drawn from a bag selected at random, Find the probability that A is red?
Shazain Reply
The information is given as, 30% of customers shopping at SHOPNO will switch to DAILY SHOPPING every month on the other hand 40% of customers shopping at DAILY SHOPPING will switch to other every month. What is the probability that customers will switch from A to B for next two months?
sharmin Reply
Calculate correlation coefficient, where SP(xy) = 144; SS(x) = 739; SS(y) = 58. (2 Points)
Ashfat Reply
The information are given from a randomly selected sample of age of COVID-19 patients who have already survived. These information are collected from 200 persons. The summarized information are as, n= 20; ∑x = 490; s^2 = 40. Calculate 95% confident interval of mean age.
The mode of the density of power of signal is 3.5. Find the probability that the density of a random signal will be more than 2.5.
The average time needed to repair a mobile phone set is 2 hours. If a customer is in queue for half an hour, what is the probability that his set will be repaired within 1.6 hours?
A quality control specialist took a random sample of n = 10 pieces of gum and measured their thickness and found the mean 9 and variance 0.04. Do you think that the mean thickness of the spearmint gum it produces is 8.4
nazrul Reply
3. The following are the number of mails received in different days by different organizations: Days (x) : 23, 35, 38, 50, 34, 60, 41, 32, 53, 67. Number of mails (y) : 18, 40, 52, 45, 32, 55, 50, 48, 26, 25. i) Fit a regression line of y on x and test the significance of regression. ii) Estimate y
Atowar Reply

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