How to post jobs Jobilize ?

How to post jobs


Complete the Create Corporate Account form with your company details.


You will receive an email from Jobilize support to verify your email address


Once your account activation request is approved, you will receive an invitation email from the admin to start posting your jobs @Jobilize.

Frequently Asked Questions

The free online web-based job posting interface is available for employers, and recruiters.

Yes. for the technical details on how to integrate your job feed please contact Jobilize support via the Contact Form

No. the free job posting plan is available only for employers and recruiters, for more details please contact Jobilize support via the Contact Form

  1. You must complete all the required job details like job title, description, company name and location.
  2. Keep the job title brief and unambiguous, don't include other job details like company name, location or salary.
  3. The description should adequately portray your company profile, job duties, required education, experience, skills, salary, and working hours.
  4. The job title and description should semantically match each other.
  5. Only a limited set of HTML markup tags are allowed in the description field, the rest will be automatically removed.
  6. Don't ask the job seeker to pay any amount of money to access the job posting details.
  7. Don't use excessive special characters or punctuation in any of job fields.
  8. You have to provide a clear way for the job seeker to apply for the position either by email, phone or a link to your web-site.