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You invest $80,000 into two accounts, $22,000 in one account, and $58,000 in the other account. At the end of one year, assuming simple interest, you have earned $2,470 in interest. The second account receives half a percent less than twice the interest on the first account. What are the interest rates for your accounts?

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A movie theater needs to know how many adult tickets and children tickets were sold out of the 1,200 total tickets. If children’s tickets are $5.95, adult tickets are $11.15, and the total amount of revenue was $12,756, how many children’s tickets and adult tickets were sold?

120 children, 1,080 adult

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A concert venue sells single tickets for $40 each and couple’s tickets for $65. If the total revenue was $18,090 and the 321 tickets were sold, how many single tickets and how many couple’s tickets were sold?

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You decide to paint your kitchen green. You create the color of paint by mixing yellow and blue paints. You cannot remember how many gallons of each color went into your mix, but you know there were 10 gal total. Additionally, you kept your receipt, and know the total amount spent was $29.50. If each gallon of yellow costs $2.59, and each gallon of blue costs $3.19, how many gallons of each color go into your green mix?

4 gal yellow, 6 gal blue

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You sold two types of scarves at a farmers’ market and would like to know which one was more popular. The total number of scarves sold was 56, the yellow scarf cost $10, and the purple scarf cost $11. If you had total revenue of $583, how many yellow scarves and how many purple scarves were sold?

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Your garden produced two types of tomatoes, one green and one red. The red weigh 10 oz, and the green weigh 4 oz. You have 30 tomatoes, and a total weight of 13 lb, 14 oz. How many of each type of tomato do you have?

13 green tomatoes, 17 red tomatoes

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At a market, the three most popular vegetables make up 53% of vegetable sales. Corn has 4% higher sales than broccoli, which has 5% more sales than onions. What percentage does each vegetable have in the market share?

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At the same market, the three most popular fruits make up 37% of the total fruit sold. Strawberries sell twice as much as oranges, and kiwis sell one more percentage point than oranges. For each fruit, find the percentage of total fruit sold.

Strawberries 18%, oranges 9%, kiwi 10%

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Three bands performed at a concert venue. The first band charged $15 per ticket, the second band charged $45 per ticket, and the final band charged $22 per ticket. There were 510 tickets sold, for a total of $12,700. If the first band had 40 more audience members than the second band, how many tickets were sold for each band?

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A movie theatre sold tickets to three movies. The tickets to the first movie were $5, the tickets to the second movie were $11, and the third movie was $12. 100 tickets were sold to the first movie. The total number of tickets sold was 642, for a total revenue of $6,774. How many tickets for each movie were sold?

100 for movie 1, 230 for movie 2, 312 for movie 3

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Questions & Answers

how fast can i understand functions without much difficulty
Joe Reply
what is set?
Kelvin Reply
a colony of bacteria is growing exponentially doubling in size every 100 minutes. how much minutes will it take for the colony of bacteria to triple in size
Divya Reply
I got 300 minutes. is it right?
no. should be about 150 minutes.
It should be 158.5 minutes.
ok, thanks
100•3=300 300=50•2^x 6=2^x x=log_2(6) =2.5849625 so, 300=50•2^2.5849625 and, so, the # of bacteria will double every (100•2.5849625) = 258.49625 minutes
what is the importance knowing the graph of circular functions?
Arabella Reply
can get some help basic precalculus
ismail Reply
What do you need help with?
how to convert general to standard form with not perfect trinomial
Camalia Reply
can get some help inverse function
Rectangle coordinate
Asma Reply
how to find for x
Jhon Reply
it depends on the equation
yeah, it does. why do we attempt to gain all of them one side or the other?
whats a domain
mike Reply
The domain of a function is the set of all input on which the function is defined. For example all real numbers are the Domain of any Polynomial function.
Spiro; thanks for putting it out there like that, 😁
foci (–7,–17) and (–7,17), the absolute value of the differenceof the distances of any point from the foci is 24.
Churlene Reply
difference between calculus and pre calculus?
Asma Reply
give me an example of a problem so that I can practice answering
Jenefa Reply
dont forget the cube in each variable ;)
of she solves that, well ... then she has a lot of computational force under her command ....
what is a function?
CJ Reply
I want to learn about the law of exponent
Quera Reply
explain this
Hinderson Reply
Practice Key Terms 2

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