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Conceptual questions

You can squirt water from a garden hose a considerably greater distance by partially covering the opening with your thumb. Explain how this works.

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Water is shot nearly vertically upward in a decorative fountain and the stream is observed to broaden as it rises. Conversely, a stream of water falling straight down from a faucet narrows. Explain why.

The mass of water that enters a cross-sectional area must equal the amount that leaves. From the continuity equation, we know that the density times the area times the velocity must remain constant. Since the density of the water does not change, the velocity times the cross-sectional area entering a region must equal the cross-sectional area times the velocity leaving the region. Since the velocity of the fountain stream decreases as it rises due to gravity, the area must increase. Since the velocity of the faucet stream speeds up as it falls, the area must decrease.

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Look back to [link] . Answer the following two questions. Why is p o less than atmospheric? Why is p o greater than p i ?

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A tube with a narrow segment designed to enhance entrainment is called a Venturi , such as shown below. Venturis are very commonly used in carburetors and aspirators. How does this structure bolster entrainment?

Figure is a drawing of a tube with a narrow segment labeled as a venture construction. Additional small connection is made at the constriction and allows entrained fluid to enter fluid flow.

When the tube narrows, the fluid is forced to speed up, thanks to the continuity equation and the work done on the fluid. Where the tube is narrow, the pressure decreases. This means that the entrained fluid will be pushed into the narrow area.

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Some chimney pipes have a T-shape, with a crosspiece on top that helps draw up gases whenever there is even a slight breeze. Explain how this works in terms of Bernoulli’s principle.

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Is there a limit to the height to which an entrainment device can raise a fluid? Explain your answer.

The work done by pressure can be used to increase the kinetic energy and to gain potential energy. As the height becomes larger, there is less energy left to give to kinetic energy. Eventually, there will be a maximum height that cannot be overcome.

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Why is it preferable for airplanes to take off into the wind rather than with the wind?

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Roofs are sometimes pushed off vertically during a tropical cyclone, and buildings sometimes explode outward when hit by a tornado. Use Bernoulli’s principle to explain these phenomena.

Because of the speed of the air outside the building, the pressure outside the house decreases. The greater pressure inside the building can essentially blow off the roof or cause the building to explode.

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It is dangerous to stand close to railroad tracks when a rapidly moving commuter train passes. Explain why atmospheric pressure would push you toward the moving train.

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Water pressure inside a hose nozzle can be less than atmospheric pressure due to the Bernoulli effect. Explain in terms of energy how the water can emerge from the nozzle against the opposing atmospheric pressure.

The air inside the hose has kinetic energy due to its motion. The kinetic energy can be used to do work against the pressure difference.

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Questions & Answers

what is friction
Muhammad Reply
a force act by surface between two bodies whose are always oppose the relative motion .....
when two rough bodies are placed in contact and try to slip each other ... than a force act them and it's ippse the relative motion between them
thats friction force and roughnes of both bodies is define friction of surface
what is a progressive wave
sheriff-deen Reply
What is the wake for therapist
Ife Reply
can u like explain your question with clear detail
who would teach me vectors?
Tintin Reply
what's chemistry
Esther Reply
branch of science dt deals with the study of physical properties of matter and it's particulate nature
Y acctually do u hav ur way of defining it? just bring ur iwn idear
well, it deals with the weight of substances and reaction behind them as well as the behavior
buh hope Esther, we've answered ur question
what's ohms law
ohms law states that, the current flowing through an electric circuit is directly proportional to the potential difference, provided temperature and pressure are kept constant
what is sound
ohms law states that the resistance of a material is directly proportional to the potential difference between two points on that material, if temperature and other physical conditions become constant
How do I access the MCQ
Abraham Reply
As I think the best is, first select the easiest questions for you .and then you can answer the remaining questions.
I mean I'm unable to view it
when I click on it, it doesn't respond
ohhh,try again and again ,It will be showed
what is centripetal force
Don Reply
هي قوة ناتجة من الحركة الدائرية ويكون اتجاهها إلى المركز دائماً
meaning of vector quantity
Felix Reply
vector quantity is any quantity that has both magnitude in terms of number (units) and direction in terms of viewing the quantity from an origin using angles (degree) or (NEWS) method
vector quantity is physical quantity has magnitude and direction
vector is a quantity that is use in measuring size of physical properties and their direction
what difference and similarities between work,force,energy and power?
Anes Reply
I need the best answer
enery is the ability to do work. work is job done, force is a pull or push. power has to do with potential. they belong to different categories which include heat energy, electricity.
force refers to a push or pull... energy refers to work done while power is work done per unit time
mathematically express angular velocity and angular acceleration
Mario Reply
it depends on the direction. an angular velocity will be linear and angular acceleration will be an angle of elevation.
The sonic range finder discussed in the preceding question often needs to be calibrated. During the calibration, the software asks for the room temperature. Why do you suppose the room temperature is required?
Shaina Reply
Suppose a bat uses sound echoes to locate its insect prey, 3.00 m away. (See [link] .) (a) Calculate the echo times for temperatures of 5.00°C5.00°C and 35.0°C.35.0°C. (b) What percent uncertainty does this cause for the bat in locating the insect? (c) Discuss the significance of this uncertainty an
give a reason why musicians commonly bring their wind instruments to room temperature before playing them.
The ear canal resonates like a tube closed at one end. (See [link]Figure 17_03_HumEar[/link].) If ear canals range in length from 1.80 to 2.60 cm in an average population, what is the range of fundamental resonant frequencies? Take air temperature to be 37.0°C,37.0°C, which is the same as body tempe
By what fraction will the frequencies produced by a wind instrument change when air temperature goes from 10.0°C10.0°C to 30.0°C30.0°C ? That is, find the ratio of the frequencies at those temperatures.
what are vector quantity
Aondover Reply
Quantities that has both magnitude and direction
what is lenses
vector quantities are those physical quantites which have magnitude as well as direction and obey the laws of vector algebra.
electric current has both magnitude and direction but it doesn't obey the laws of vector algebra, hence it is not a vector quantity.
what is momentum
Thomas Reply
what is dimension
Ahmad Reply
what is vector
Abdulrahman Reply
A quantity having both magnitude and direction
quality having both magnitude and direction
they have magnitude and direction.
What is biology
Jimmy nkhoma
What is biology
what is math
Biology is d study of living things
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