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Preparatory work (mise en place)

Preparatory work creates the conditions that make smooth service possible. It includes every behind-the-scenes task, from setting the table for the guests to filling saltshakers, that is performed by the service staff. In all preparatory work, order and cleanliness play a major role, to say the least. A perfect mise en place is essential for good service.

Guest service

Guest service is the area that demands the most from service personnel, involving conduct, self-discipline, and an ability to empathize.

Your concern for the welfare of your guests clearly indicates your level of professionalism: to provide quality service, you must assume responsibility for your guests' enjoyment of their dining experience. You cannot provide such service by rushing through your work, expending a minimum of effort. Pleasing the guest is the primary concern in this profession, and because you are dealing directly with those who will judge your performance, the results of your efforts (or lack thereof) are immediately evident.

Hierarchy for a Large Establishment

Title Function
Maitre d’hotel The waitperson responsible for the overall management of service
Headwaiter The waitperson responsible for service in a particular area, such as a banquet room or restaurant.
Captain The waitperson responsible for a service station (approximately 15 - 25 guests), assisted by one front waiter or an apprentice.
Front waiter A young, trained waitperson with 1-2 years of experience.
Apprentice A waitperson in training


Depending on the size and style of the establishment, there may be professional titles for specialists that perform particular jobs.

Title Function
Banquet manager Directs the catering and banquet operations
Food-and-beverage manager Directs the sales and purchase of food and beverages
Wine steward or sommelier Responsible for wines and their service
Host or hostess Responsible for greeting and seating the guest
Bartender Responsible for bar service
Room-service waiter Responsible for service in guest rooms

Your training, professional experience, and knowledge will determine the rank you attain in your career. Experience abroad, knowledge of different languages, and special training, for example being certified as a maitre d’hotel, will naturally help you to advance.

The chain of command for service personnel in small and large establishments may differ, but the outlines below provide an overview of the hierarchy in a typical establishment.

Hierarchy for a Medium-Sized Operation

Title Function
Headwaiter The waitperson responsible for the overall management of service
Captain The waitperson responsible for a service station (approximately 15 - 25 guests), with the help of one front waiter or an apprentice
Front waiter A young, trained waitperson with 1-2 years of experience.
Apprentice A waitperson in training

Decide whether the following statements are true (T), false (F) or impossible to know (I).

  1. ________ A captain is the one who has to serve approximately 20 to 25 guests.
  2. ________ Your love in the profession determines your achievement in your career.
  3. ________ It takes a front waiter 2 years to become a captain.
  4. ________ It takes an apprentice from 1 to 2 years to become a front waiter.
  5. ________The hierarchy in every restaurant is almost the same.
  6. ________ A maitre d'hotel is the one who has been trained abroad.
  7. ________ The member who is assigned to take care of the whole management of service is the headwaiter.


Fill in the blanks with NO MORE THAN three words taken from the reading selection.

Preparatory work is ___________ for the successful operation of the service profession. Service workers have to prepare almost everything from minor to major things while ___________ and ___________ are constantly maintained. In the front, ___________ requires employees to work with their enthusiasm, professionalism, and ___________. Service staff's jobs are, therefore, to enhance customers' ___________ when they come to the restaurant. ___________ customers is the main task to those who work in the service industry.


Discuss the questions below with your friends.

  1. What are other jobs in a typical restaurant in your region that are not mentioned in the text?
  2. What jobs are you most interested in? Why?
  3. Imagine that you were going to run a restaurant. What positions and jobs would you take in account? Why?

Section 3: do you remember?

1. What do you say when explaining amenities and services?

2. Complete these two columns with the most appropriate words and phrases.

Polite expressions


Good ________ (until about 12.00)________!

Good ________ (12.30 until about 17.30)________

Good ________ (after about 17.30)________

________Bye!/Bye bye!

Good ________ (= goodbye after about 21.00)Good night

Thank youThanks

(In reply to Thank you): Not at all________/You’re welcome!

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