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    Engineer to profession

  • This includes working to promote the profession's autonomy and independence as well as maintaining its good reputation . Moreover it requires that engineers participate in their professional society, work to advance engineering, be objective and impartial in their work, and associate only with persons of good reputation .
  • Canon 3 : Emitir declaraciones públicas únicamente en una forma veraz y objetiva.
  • Practical Norm 3a : Serán objetivos y veraces en informes profesionales, declaraciones o testimonios. Incluirán toda la información relevante y pertinente en tales informes, declaraciones o testimonios.

    Engineer to engineer

  • This relation is based on the good of Collegiality . It requires that engineers work to maintain friendly and collaborative relations with other engineers by avoiding disloyal competition and comparative advertising and by always giving peers due credit for their contributions to engineering projects and designs.
  • Practical Norm 4l : Antes de realizar trabajos para otros, en los cuales puedan hacer mejoras, planos, diseños, inventos, u otros registros, que puedan justificar la obtención de derechos de autor o patentes, llegarán a un acuerdo en relación con los derechos de las respectivas partes. (Give due credit to colleagues for their work).
  • Canon 5 : Edificar su reputación profesional en el mérito de sus servicios y no competir deslealmente con otros. ( Avoid disloyal competition )
  • Practical Norm 6b : Anunciarán sus servicios profesionales sin auto-alabanza y sin lenguaje engañoso y de una manera en que no se menoscabe la dignidad de sus profesiones. ( Non-comparative advertising )
  • Practical Norm 5h : No tratarán de suplantar, ni suplantarán otro ingeniero o agrimensor, después de que una gestión profesional le haya sido ofrecida o confiada a éste, ni tampoco competirá injustamente con él. ( Avoid disloyal competition )

Professional codes as social contracts

  • What some have said about defining ethics could also be applied to defining a profession: it's a bit like "nailing jello to a tree." Nevertheless, we can make to reasonable claims about professions: tye can be treated as social contracts, and they have someting to do with specialized knowledge. If these two claims hold, then a third claim can be made, namely, that professions have an ineliminable ethical dimension.
  • A legitimate contract between two parties requires a quid pro quo (a mutually beneficial exchange) and free consent (consent that includes full information and excludes force or deception). The social contract between engineering and society can be pictured int he following way:
Profession as social contract
Society grants to Profession Profession grants to Society
Autonomy Self-Regulation
Prestige Primacy of public health, safety, and welfare
Monopoly Developing and enforcing ethical and professional standards

    Society grants autonomy, prestige, and monopoly control to the profession of engineering.

  • Autonomy includes freedom from regulation and control from the outside through cumbersome laws, regulations, and statutes.
  • Prestige includes high social status and generous pay.
  • Monopoly status implies that the profession of engineering itself determines who can practice engineering and how it should be practiced.
  • The profession promises to use its autonomy responsibly by regulating itself. it does this by developing and enforcing professional and ethical standards. By granting prestige to the profession, society has removed the need for the profession to collectively bargain for its self-interest.
  • Not having to worry about its collective self-interest, the profession is now free to hold paramount the health, safety, and welfare of the public.
  • This contract explains why professions develop codes of ethics. Codes document to the public the profession's commitment to carry out its side of the social contract, namely, to hold paramount public welfare. They can do this because society will honor its side of the contract, namely, to remove from the profession the need to fight for its self-interest

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