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Student 7:

Good morning everybody. How do you feel now? I’m a little nervous, but be confident. Yeah, my topic is opinion about the multi family.

The assessor:Multi-generation family.

Student 7:Yes. Living in a multi-generation family, there is plenty of fun, but there are some problems. Nowadays parents have to work all day, so they don’t have much time to care for their children. In multi-generation families, grandparents will have done to care for their children... Children can share their troubles, they can share everything that happen in their daily life to their grandparents. And when they meet problems they will have... they will get valuable advice from their grandparents. Grandparents will tell stories, will... they will sing many folksongs and... they will care for them all day when their parents are in work. I think there is plenty of fun, but there are some problems. We can see that a multi-generation family is the one that consists... that consists of three or more generations. And members in such kind of family are not in the same generation, so there are many differences in their opinion and their lifestyle. When old people prefer a quiet life, the young like to live an active and noisy life, together for pop music that too loud for old people. And their grandparents will complain and that makes them not pleased. Nowadays young people want to dress sexually when their grandparents don’t want their grandparents... their grandparents to do so. So i’m sorry... when their grandparents don’t want their granddaughter or grandson to do so. So they will complain and that makes them not pleased. It’s not eassy to compromise their lifestyle and their opinion. So to sum up, I think that everyone has two sides and a multi-generation family is the same. It has plenty of fun, but it also has problems. I think that is... that’s all. Thank you for your listening.

Student 8:

Hello everyone. Today... my topic today is teaching career. In society there are many careers, but teaching is the job I like best. I’m going to tell you the reason why I like this job. First, teaching career get high respect from society. It’s... it’s not only gets respect from people but also gets respect from their... their parents or people around... around them. Second, teaching career... teaching career is the career not ... it less competition and... you just go to class and teach... teach the pupils. You... you must have to worry about whether you get higher position than others. This makes you always feel happy. Besides it, I think, teaching career is the career you... which you... have to learn all life time. It seems to be not good, but all of us have the need to learn. Nowadays the world have many chances, but we always have to learn to improve our knowledge, to teach students. To sum up, teaching career is not only get high position but also it takes less competition than other careers.

Student 9:

Good morning teachers and everybody. Today I would like to tell you the importance of money. We can’t live without money. We need money to satisfy... our life. We need money to ... save for expenses, for example in family, in business and other problems. So, in some extent, money play important and necessary role in our life in our life because of these following reasons. The first, in family why we have to... when they don’t have enough money to expense, sorry, to pay for expense in our life... in their life. Without money they don’t... they don’t... they can’t buy what they need. For example, they don’t... they don’t afford all and all other what they need to live comfortable life. Without money their children don’t have good conditions in learning, for example good school, good teacher and good book for example. Without money, when they are ill... they... they don’t have good doctor, good hospital and can’t buy medicine. To do all of these, they need money, have a lot of money. Having money they can buy what they need and all other... they live... they need to live comfortable life. Having money they can have good healthy care... good learning in good condition, and... so they must work hard to earn money. Secondly, in business, if you want to open a shop, found a company,... you build factory, you need money, a lot of money. Having money you can pay salary for employees or doing business. Third, having money you can do charity... You need money to support poor students... scholarship with.. with the money... with the money you help them... contribute learning... and other. In conclusion, money play... important and necessary role in our life. In our life everybody try to work hard to earn money as much as possible. That’s all. Thank you for your listening.

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