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Educator section


  • More advanced work is covered, but the educator will benefit greatly if pages (completing the calendar) are done with all the learners simultaneously. Groups 2 and 3 can then afterwards continue with the work with which they are busy.
  • Number Concept to 400
  • Operations:
  • Addition – two digit numbers with two digit numbers, using regrouping of a ten.
  • Subtraction – two digit numbers from two digit numbers, using regrouping of a ten.
  • Multiplication – 2x, 4x, 5x and 10x to the 10th multiple (tables).
  • Division - ÷2, ÷4, ÷5 and ÷10 to the 10th multiple (tables).

Integrate the design of the hat and the gift wrap with Technology. This can be done classically.

All the calculations involving money and other quantities which the learners work with will enable them to realise that Mathematics is part of our daily activities.

From Module 3 onwards the learners will gradually progress to the more advanced work of Grade 3. It may be necessary sometimes to go back to previous work to expedite the transition to the advanced work.

It is important that the learners should realise that addition and subtraction combinations as well as the tables, multiplication and division, simply have to be repeated regularly and must be learnt until they know it! It is basic work that cannot be neglected.

Attached you will find a sheet with tables presented in a specific order. You can copy it and give it to the learners so that they can keep it with them.

These worksheets can be presented to the whole class at the same time. Learners must write the dates on the calendar on their own, therefore it is of the utmost importance that you will make quite sure that all the learners begin on the correct day in January. I suggest that you fill in 1 January yourself before copying the worksheet. If you like, you could even fill it in further, depending on the competence of the learners.

It is important for the learners to understand the difference between days of the week (7) and workdays, school days or week days (5), otherwise they may make numerous errors in their calculations.

The learners must be aware of the patterns that are used in completing tables, therefore they must identify the pattern initially before they try to complete the table.

This is a vertical numbers line. The negative numbers have been filled in so that the learner will realise that numbers smaller than 0 do exist. It is not necessary to give this aspect much attention at this stage. It can just be mentioned in passing, to satisfy the learners who are keen to know more.

Explain to the learners that they are seeing diagrams, and that each symbol represents the value of the place where it stands.

Regrouping the 10 is being done now. The learners must first lay it out on the mat, so that it is experienced as something concrete, and so that they can see that there are 12 units and that they can therefore make another ten. This ten is then grouped with the other tens.

It depends on the educator and the abilities of the learners whether they are going to use carried numbers when doing the vertical calculations

Questions & Answers

explain and give four Example hyperbolic function
Lukman Reply
The denominator of a certain fraction is 9 more than the numerator. If 6 is added to both terms of the fraction, the value of the fraction becomes 2/3. Find the original fraction. 2. The sum of the least and greatest of 3 consecutive integers is 60. What are the valu
1. x + 6 2 -------------- = _ x + 9 + 6 3 x + 6 3 ----------- x -- (cross multiply) x + 15 2 3(x + 6) = 2(x + 15) 3x + 18 = 2x + 30 (-2x from both) x + 18 = 30 (-18 from both) x = 12 Test: 12 + 6 18 2 -------------- = --- = --- 12 + 9 + 6 27 3
2. (x) + (x + 2) = 60 2x + 2 = 60 2x = 58 x = 29 29, 30, & 31
on number 2 question How did you got 2x +2
combine like terms. x + x + 2 is same as 2x + 2
Mark and Don are planning to sell each of their marble collections at a garage sale. If Don has 1 more than 3 times the number of marbles Mark has, how many does each boy have to sell if the total number of marbles is 113?
mariel Reply
Mark = x,. Don = 3x + 1 x + 3x + 1 = 113 4x = 112, x = 28 Mark = 28, Don = 85, 28 + 85 = 113
how do I set up the problem?
Harshika Reply
what is a solution set?
find the subring of gaussian integers?
hello, I am happy to help!
Shirley Reply
please can go further on polynomials quadratic
hi mam
I need quadratic equation link to Alpa Beta
Abdullahi Reply
find the value of 2x=32
Felix Reply
divide by 2 on each side of the equal sign to solve for x
Want to review on complex number 1.What are complex number 2.How to solve complex number problems.
yes i wantt to review
use the y -intercept and slope to sketch the graph of the equation y=6x
Only Reply
how do we prove the quadratic formular
Seidu Reply
please help me prove quadratic formula
hello, if you have a question about Algebra 2. I may be able to help. I am an Algebra 2 Teacher
Shirley Reply
thank you help me with how to prove the quadratic equation
may God blessed u for that. Please I want u to help me in sets.
what is math number
Tric Reply
x-2y+3z=-3 2x-y+z=7 -x+3y-z=6
Sidiki Reply
can you teacch how to solve that🙏
Solve for the first variable in one of the equations, then substitute the result into the other equation. Point For: (6111,4111,−411)(6111,4111,-411) Equation Form: x=6111,y=4111,z=−411x=6111,y=4111,z=-411
x=61/11 y=41/11 z=−4/11 x=61/11 y=41/11 z=-4/11
Need help solving this problem (2/7)^-2
Simone Reply
what is the coefficient of -4×
Mehri Reply
the operation * is x * y =x + y/ 1+(x × y) show if the operation is commutative if x × y is not equal to -1
Alfred Reply
A soccer field is a rectangle 130 meters wide and 110 meters long. The coach asks players to run from one corner to the other corner diagonally across. What is that distance, to the nearest tenths place.
Kimberly Reply
Jeannette has $5 and $10 bills in her wallet. The number of fives is three more than six times the number of tens. Let t represent the number of tens. Write an expression for the number of fives.
August Reply
What is the expressiin for seven less than four times the number of nickels
Leonardo Reply
How do i figure this problem out.
how do you translate this in Algebraic Expressions
linda Reply
why surface tension is zero at critical temperature
I think if critical temperature denote high temperature then a liquid stats boils that time the water stats to evaporate so some moles of h2o to up and due to high temp the bonding break they have low density so it can be a reason
Need to simplify the expresin. 3/7 (x+y)-1/7 (x-1)=
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. After 3 months on a diet, Lisa had lost 12% of her original weight. She lost 21 pounds. What was Lisa's original weight?
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