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When the ADC10 ends the conversion, an interrupt is requested. While variable min is lower than 60, the temperature is written to flash memory. The memory pointer is increased by two (word). When min = 60 , the system stops operation.

System configuration

Dco configuration

Adjust the DCO frequency to 1 MHz by software using the calibrated DCOCTL and BCSCTL1 register settings stored in information memory segment A.

if (CALBC1_1MHZ == 0xFF || CALDCO_1MHZ == 0xFF) {while(1); // If calibration constants erased // do not load, trap CPU!!}DCOCTL = CALDCO_1MHZ; // Set DCO to 1 MHz

Basic clock module+ configuration

Set MCLK and SMCLK to 1 MHz. Use the internal very low power VLOCLK source clock to ACLK/8 clock signal as low frequency oscillator (12 kHz):

BCSCTL1 = DIVA_3; // ACLK = 1.5 kHz BCSCTL3 = LFXT1S_2; // Set VLOCLK (12 kHz)

Adc10 configuration

The ADC10’s input channel is the integrated temperature sensor (A10) and it uses the signal V REF+ (1.5 V) as reference voltage. The ADC10 clock source is ADC10OSC, the clock signal being ADC10CLK/4. Configure the ADC10 sample-and-hold time: 64xADC10CLKs, to perform a single-channel single-conversion and enable its interrupts. What are the values to write to the configuration registers?

ADC10CTL1 = INCH_10 + ADC10DIV_3; // Temp Sensor (A10), // ADC10CLK/4,// clock source: ADC10OSC ADC10CTL0=SREF_1 + ADC10SHT_3 + REFON + ADC10ON +ADC10IE;// Internal reference voltage Vref+ = 1.5 V // ADC10 sample-and-hold time: 64 x ADC10CLKs// Reference-generator voltage = 1.5 V // ADC10 on + ADC10 interrupt enable//*********************************************************// ADC10 Interrupt Service Routine //*********************************************************#pragma vector=ADC10_VECTOR __interrupt void ADC10ISR(void){ unsigned int temperature; if (min<= 60) {temperature = ((ADC10MEM - 673) * 423) / 1024; write_int_flash(memo_ptr,temperature);memo_ptr += 2; }else {_NOP(); }}

Timer_a configuration

Configure Timer_A register to enable an interrupt once every second. Use the ACLK clock signal as the clock source. This timer is configured in up counter mode in order to count until the TAR value reaches the TACCR0 value.

TACCTL0 = CCIE; // TACCR0 interrupt enabled TACCR0 = 1500; // this count corresponds to 1 secTACTL = TASSEL_1 | MC_1 | ID_0;// ACLK, up mode to TACCR0//********************************************************** // Timer_A Interrupt Service Routine//********************************************************** #pragma vector=TIMERA0_VECTOR__interrupt void TimerA0_ISR (void) {counter++; P1OUT ^= 0x01; // LED toogleif (counter == 60){ min++;counter = 0; ADC10CTL0 |= ENC + ADC10SC; // Sampling/Conversion start} }

Analysis of operation

After compiling the project, start the debug session and before running the application, put a breakpoint at the line of code with the _NOP() instruction. Go to breakpoint properties and set action to Write data to file . Name the file as Temp.dat and define the data format as integer . The data starts at address 0x01040 , with a length of 3C . Run the application and let the temperature data logger acquire the values for 1 hour. Use a heater or a fan to force temperature variations during the measurement period. When execution reaches the breakpoint, the file will be available in your file system. Construct a graph in Excel or a similar tool, in order to plot the temperature variation obtained by the data logger.

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