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This module contains the C code for the Force Sensor example.

The following link contains all of the files necessary to compile the project using IAR Embedded Workbench. The zip file contains main.c lcd.c and lcd.h Code Listing.zip
To view the code listings for lcd.c and lcd.h please download the zip file and open them in any text editor. /************************************************* * EEL3111 Student Project - Force Sensor Group* Code by: Michael Toth * Questions: totm0001@unf.edu*************************************************/ #include "msp430x44x.h"#include "lcd.h" #include "math.h"#define Average 4 // This value controls the number of samples // to be taken before an average is computed// and the LCD is updated. #define Vref 3.3 // Don't change this unless you know what you are doingvolatile unsigned int x=1; long int ADC0;float ADC0Averaged; float ADC0temp;float Voltage; float Converted;unsigned int hundreds, tens, ones, tenths; /************************************* Function Prototypes ************************************/void clock_config(void); void adc12_config(void);//void opamp_enable(int); void update_lcd(void);float convert_value(float); void extract_digits(float);/************************************ * Main Loop************************************/ void main(void){ clock_config(); // Configure clockadc12_config(); // Configure ADC12 // opamp_enable(1); // 1=enabled 0=disabledsetupLCD(); // Called from lcd.c, performs LCD setup lcd_all(0); // clear the LCD// Enable interrupts and go to sleep forever _EINT();while(1){_NOP(); // loop forever but still servicing interrupts }} /************************************* Clock Configuration Subroutine ************************************/void clock_config(void){ WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop WDTFLL_CTL0 |= XCAP10PF; // Configure load caps BTCTL = BT_ADLY_250; // 250ms InterruptIE2 |= BTIE; // Enable BT interrupt }/************************************ * ADC12 Configuration Subroutine************************************/ void adc12_config(void){ADC12IE |= 0x01; // Enable ADCMEM0 interrupt ADC12CTL1 = ADC12SSEL_2 | SHP; // ADCCLK = mCLK, pulse modeADC12MCTL0 = SREF_0 | INCH_0; // Vr+=AVcc and Vr-=AVss // warm-up the ADCADC12CTL0 = REFON | ADC12ON; // turn on ref and ADC ADC12CTL0 |= ENC; // enable conversions} /************************************* Opamp Enable Subroutine: * The project board includes a place for* a surface mounted opamp. The opamp has * a pin that must be set high for the opamp* to function. The pin is connected to P2.7 * by setting P2.7 high the opamp is enabled,* low the opamp is disabled ************************************//* void opamp_enable(int x){P2DIR |= BIT7; // Set P2.7 to output direction if(x==1){P2OUT |= BIT7; // set P2.7 high. Enables Opamp }*/ /*************************************** Update LCD Subroutine **************************************/void update_lcd(void){ lcd_char(0,ones + '0');lcd_char(1,tens + '0'); lcd_char(2,hundreds + '0');} /*************************************** Convert Value Subroutine: * Convert from voltage to sensor value.* Formulas usually available in datasheet * for specific sensors.***************************************/ float convert_value(float voltage){float value; value = 14.609*pow(voltage,4)-38.65*pow(voltage,3)+47.017*pow(voltage,2)+10.847*voltage-0.2188;return value; }/*************************************** * Extract Digits Subroutine:* The LCD driver requires that each digit * be presented to the LCD individually. i.e.* if you want to display 3.14 on the LCD 3, 1, * and 4 must be held in seperate variables.* This algorithm assumes only positive values.... * xxx.xx can be represented****************************************/ void extract_digits(float converted){hundreds = (int)converted / 100; // extract hundreds digit tens = (int)((converted - (hundreds*100)) / 10); // extract tens digitones = (int)converted - hundreds*100-(tens * 10); // extract ones digit }/************************************ * Interrupt Subroutines************************************/ // Basic Timer interrupt service routine#pragma vector=BASICTIMER_VECTOR __interrupt void basic_timer(void){ // start a conversion// when conversion is complete ADC12 interrupt will take place ADC12CTL0 |= ADC12SC;} // ADC12 Interrupt Service Routine#pragma vector=ADC12_VECTOR __interrupt void ADC12ISR (void){ ADC0 = ADC12MEM0; // IFG is clearedADC0temp+=ADC0; // accumulate values to average if(x==Average){ // test if enough values have been collectedADC0Averaged=ADC0temp/Average; // compute the average value Voltage=ADC0Averaged*Vref; // multiply by Vref to obtain voltage representaionVoltage=Voltage/4095; // divide by #quantization levels Converted=convert_value(Voltage); // Convert voltage to appropriate unitsextract_digits(Converted); // Extract individual digits update_lcd(); // Update the LCD displayx=1; // Reset the averaging loop ADC0temp=0;} else{x++; }}

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