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EAC (ethics across the curriculum) requires as its foundation a solid program of assessment. This module includes several assessment forms from which browsers can choose. The range responds to a wide variety of assessment situations. From one end, a Muddy Point exercise asks students to identify the strongest and weakest points of a module. At the other end, a rubric based on scoring criteria used in the Ethics Bowl competition held at UPRM (based on the national competition held annually at the conferences of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics) provides a fairly fine grained assessment of a capstone ethics integration exercise. This document makes use of an Instructor Module template designed to help structure the authoring and sharing of Ethics Across the Curriculum Integration modules that are being developed through the NSF funded EAC Toolkit Project (SES-0551779). It solicits pedagogical information for instructors regarding the assessment of student modules based on the experiences and expertise of the authors, co-authors and EAC community members. The goal is to promote sharing of best practices in ethics education and to encourage other educators to engage in EAC.
  • This module has been developed for a workshop in ethics across the curriculum that will be held may 9, 2007. it recommmends eac as an effective and efficient strategy for aacsb ethics compliance. it also recommends the eac toolkit (situated in connexions) as a ideal place to develop, refine, and disseminate best practices in eac.

  • Links to rubrics posted in Business Administraiton at Scranton University and a Toolkit Rubric module have been included to provide a broad range of assessment instruments that can aid in charting continuous improvement in EAC.
  • The rubrics and assessment forms developed below come from a variety of sources including a DOLCE workshop (Doing Online Computer Ethics sponsored by the NSF), and an Illinois Institute of Technology EAC workshop led by Michael Davis and sponsored by the NSF. Finally, some of the rubrics have been modified from rubrics used in practical and professional ethics taught at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez.

Instructor resources(sharing best practices in eac!)

This section contains information related to the above referenced Student Module. The intent and expectation is that the information contained in this section will evolve over time based on the experiences and collaborations of the authors and users of the Student Module and this Instructor Module. For example, the authors, collaborators or users can provide the following kind of information (mainly directed at or intended for instructors).

Module-background information

Sources of this module can be gleaned from the links that accompany it. Starting with a DOLCE workshop held at the Colorado School of Mines in summer 2000, UPRM ethicists have been collecting assessment tools and modifying them to fit courses in practical and professional ethics as well as more contextualized ethics across the curriculum integration modules for mainstream business, science, and engineering classes. Many of the tools included in this module have been tested in the classroom.

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