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it seems [mankind] is incapable of living without the myth, the belief that routine and exhausting work, the pain and fear of this life, have some meaning and an objective in the future. New myths are born instantly..., political and economic myths with outlandish promises of the best futures in the present world. Those myths provide the individual with a certain sensation that a meaning exists, making them become part of a vast effort in which they lose part of their own emptiness and solitude. Nevertheless, the violence itself of these political religions reveals the hidden anxiety, because they are nothing more than the oppression of men who shout and support each other in the dark.

Moroccans who momentarily overlook their faith

Rakea and Abdelkarin believe in Allah, but do not practice their faith lately. For a while, they have not prayed as they have not had strength. Everything goes wrong, and when everything goes wrong, one cannot direct her or his self to the Great One. “This is almost opposite of us, for we remembered God when things go wrong to ask for help.” Rakea cries when telling that he does not pray, as if she is ashamed of it. She doesn’t even condescend to approach, even in thought, to the “King of men.” Later, when things improve, when there is work, she will return to her daily prayers of thanksgiving.

All the believers try to be in Morocco during the month of Ramadan. They program their jobs to be able to spend that month with their people. There are no mosques in the zone, only a small premise that serves as a gathering place and for prayer – in one occasion the place was fitted to a celebration day; there are very few that are present throughout the year in this zone to construct one, and with few economic resources. Nonetheless, each house is a place for prayer.

An example of "integration"

Madani forms part of the Moroccan immigrants who are in Spain solely to make money by working, send it home, and to give a better life to his relatives. Madani is, apparently, a simple man, more so than the rest. He is 48 years old, has eight sons and was born in P.Berkane. He has been in Spain since 1990, hardly understands the language, and his formation is basic. He has been working for several years with the same owner, but he does not have a habitual salary for time worked. He begins work next to Ahmmed, both are the only ones to be wage-earners from the entire field. Ahmmed begins with the seedbeds and Madani with the transplants. Both work out in the sun. There is no schedule, and they only get a few hours of rest per day and Sunday afternoons off, for all of this they receive 900 euros a month. Madani is there till late November, after that he will work in the olive field in Jaén; he will be with some friend of other fields and will complete his work in Spain and return to Morocco in January, just before Ramadan. He has never missed this religious obligation, it is very important, even more than his life; as important or more than his family. He is a very religious man, which is reflected in his daily prayers, the exact fulfillment of the rules of the Koran. He helps those who have less and has a smile and a supporting shoulder for everyone.

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