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A list of authors contributing to the Impact of Open Source Software on Education Series.

Rob abel

Rob Abel
Rob Abel
Already a veteran Silicon Valley high tech entrepreneur, Rob Abel entered the world of educational technology in 1999 by joining Collegis (now SunGard Higher Education ), the leading provider of information, academic, and online technology services in the U.S. higher education market. Prior to joining Collegis, he was responsible for development of products and services for online learning at Oracle. In 2004 Rob founded the Alliance for Higher Education Competitiveness (A-HEC) to conduct research on best practices in the use of technology in education. One study conducted near the end of 2005 looked specifically at the level and types of adoption of open source in the U.S. higher education market, sponsored by Sun, SCT, and Unicon. The report on this unique study is available online at the A-HEC Open Source Software Research site.

In February 2006 Rob was appointed as the CEO of the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC), a non-profit member consortium that have been focused on developing specifications and standards for interoperability exclusively in the learning sector for now over eleven years. Participation in IMS GLC includes an annual report on Learning Impact: Trends in Learning, Technology, and Standards . This report was inspired by the need to “connect the dots” between new and innovative learning technologies and the key global challenges of education leaders across sectors. IMS GLC has featured tracks on open technologies in its annual conference each of the last two years.

Gavin baker

Gavin Baker
Gavin Baker
Gavin Baker is an IT and public policy consultant. Currently he is developing a student outreach campaign for SPARC , the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, on the subject of open access to academic journal literature. Gavin also serves on the board of directors for FreeCulture.org , which is an international student organization that promotes the public interest in intellectual property and information&communications technology policy.

Leigh blackall

Leigh Blackall
Leigh Blackall
Leigh Blackall specializes in networked learning and socially networked media and communications. He is employed as an Educational Developer at the Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand, and blogs his work to Learn Online .

Cole camplese

Cole Camplese
Cole Camplese
Cole W. Camplese serves as the Director of Education Technology Services at the Pennsylvania State University. As Director, it is his responsibility to oversee University-wide initiatives with a focus on impacting teaching and learning with technology. He guides teams in the appropriate uses of technologies in the contexts of teaching and learning. His primary area of focus is the integration of emerging technologies into learning spaces. At Penn State, the overwhelming challenge is providing scalable solutions that the nearly 90,000 students and 5,000 faculty can successfully use to enhance their teaching and learning environments.

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