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qsample.m Simulates a sample for a given population density. Determines sample parameters and approximate population parameters. Assumes dfsetup or acsetup has been run. Takes asinput the distribution matrices X , P X and the sample size n . Uses a random number generator to obtain the probability matrix U and uses the m-function dquant to determine the sample. Assumes dfsetup or acsetup has been run.

% QSAMPLE file qsample.m Simulates sample for given population density % Version of 1/31/96% Determines sample parameters % and approximate population parameters.% Assumes dfsetup or acsetup has been run X = input('Enter row matrix of VALUES ');PX = input('Enter row matrix of PROBABILITIES '); n = input('Sample size n = ');m = length(X); U = rand(1,n);T = dquant(X,PX,U); ex = sum(T)/n;EX = dot(X,PX); vx = sum(T.^2)/n - ex^2;VX = dot(X.^2,PX) - EX^2; disp('The sample is in column vector T')disp(['Sample average ex = ', num2str(ex),])disp(['Approximate population mean E(X) = ',num2str(EX),])disp(['Sample variance vx = ',num2str(vx),])disp(['Approximate population variance V(X) = ',num2str(VX),])
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targetset.m Setup for arrival at a target set of values. Used in conjunction with the m-procedure targetrun to determine the number of trials needed to visit k of a specified set of target values. Input consists of the distribution matrices X , P X and the specified set E of target values.

% TARGETSET file targetset.m Setup for sample arrival at target set % Version of 6/24/95X = input('Enter population VALUES '); PX = input('Enter population PROBABILITIES ');ms = length(X); x = 1:ms; % Value indicesdisp('The set of population values is') disp(X);E = input('Enter the set of target values '); ne = length(E);e = zeros(1,ne); for i = 1:nee(i) = dot(E(i) == X,x); % Target value indices endF = [0 cumsum(PX)];A = F(1:ms); B = F(2:ms+1);disp('Call for targetrun')
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targetrun.m Assumes the m-file targetset has provided the basic data. Input consists of the number r of repetitions and the number k of the target states to visit. Calculates and displays various results.

% TARGETRUN file targetrun.m Number of trials to visit k target values % Version of 6/24/95 Rev for Version 5.1 1/30/98% Assumes the procedure targetset has been run. r = input('Enter the number ofrepetitions '); disp('The target set is')disp(E) ks = input('Enter the number of target values to visit ');if isempty(ks) ks = ne;end if ks>ne ks = ne;end clear T % Trajectory in value indices (reset)R0 = zeros(1,ms); % Indicator for target value indices R0(e) = ones(1,ne);S = zeros(1,r); % Number of trials for each run (reset) for k = 1:rR = R0; i = 1;while sum(R)>ne - ks u = rand(1,1);s = ((A<u)&(u<= B))*x'; if R(s) == 1 % Deletes indices as values reachedR(s) = 0; endT(i) = s; i = i+1;end S(k) = i-1;end if r == 1disp(['The number of trials to completion is ',int2str(i-1),])disp(['The initial value is ',num2str(X(T(1))),])disp(['The terminal value is ',num2str(X(T(i-1))),])N = 1:i-1; TR = [N;X(T)]'; disp('To view the trajectory, call for TR')else [t,f]= csort(S,ones(1,r)); D = [t;f]'; p = f/r;AV = dot(t,p); SD = sqrt(dot(t.^2,p) - AV^2);MN = min(t); MX = max(t);disp(['The average completion time is ',num2str(AV),])disp(['The standard deviation is ',num2str(SD),])disp(['The minimum completion time is ',int2str(MN),])disp(['The maximum completion time is ',int2str(MX),])disp(' ') disp('To view a detailed count, call for D.')disp('The first column shows the various completion times;') disp('the second column shows the numbers of trials yielding those times')plot(t,cumsum(p)) gridtitle('Fraction of Runs t Steps or Less') ylabel('Fraction of runs')xlabel('t = number of steps to complete run') end
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general equation for photosynthesis
Ojasope Reply
6CO2 + 6H2O + solar energy= C6H1206+ 6O2
meaning of amino Acids
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what are white blood cells
Mlungisi Reply
white blood cell is part of the immune system. that help fight the infection.
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Cells with a similar function, form a tissue. For example the nervous tissue is composed by cells:neurons and glia cells. Muscle tissue, is composed by different cells.
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explain if oxygen is necessary for photosynthesis
Allice Reply
explain if oxygen is necessary for photosynthesis
Allice Reply
Yes, the plant does need oxygen. The plant uses oxygen, water, light, and produced food. The plant use process called photosynthesis.
By using the energy of sunlight, plants convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen by photosynthesis. This happens during the day and sunlight is needed.
no. it s a product of the process
yet still is it needed?
no. The reaction is: 6CO2+6H20+ solar energy =C6H12O6(glucose)+602. The plant requires Carbon dioxyde, light, and water Only, and produces glucose and oxygen( which is a waste).
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the specific one
the study of non and living organism is called.
Is call biology
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A cell is a basic structure and functional unit of life
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is the study of living and non living organisms
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Anabolism refers to the process in methabolism in which complex molecules are formed "built" and requires energy to happen. Catabolism is the opposite process: complex molecules are deconstructed releasing energy, such as during glicolysis.
Explain briefly independent assortment gene .
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