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Name of Person Being Evaluated Adaptation (Miramax Films)

World Studies

Criteria Weight Unsatisfactory Proficient Advanced
English Content Standards3.0 Literary Response and Analysis- 3.1 Articulate the relationship between the expressed purposes and the characteristics of different forms of dramatic literature - 3.10 Identify and describe the function of dialogue, scene designs, soliloquies, asides, and character foils in dramatic literature.- 3.12 Analyze the way in which a work of literature is related to the themes and issues of its historical period. 100%
  • The screenplay lacks 2 or more of the required genre conventions
  • The screenplay violates the MPAA PG-13 rating requirements
  • The screenplay is not true to the content of the novel or contains historical anachronisms
  • The screenplay includes all 5 of the following genre conventions:
  1. setting description
  2. camera position / distance
  3. dialogue / narration
  4. soundtrack
  5. visual effects (fade in, dissolve, etc.)
  • The screenplay follows a PG-13 rating, creatively expressing the disturbing content of the novel in a way that does not violate MPAA rules
  • The screenplay is extremely faithful to the novel and to history, utilizing the film conventions listed above as a means for expressing the parts of the book that do not easily translate on film
The screenplay includes all 7 of the following genre conventions:
  • setting description
  • camera position / distance
  • dialogue / narration
  • soundtrack
  • visual effects (fade in, dissolve, etc.)
  • prop descriptions
  • actor directions (facial expressions, movement, etc.)
  • The screenplay follows a PG-13 rating and includes specific notes to the director about how your screenplay evokes the ambiguities, subtleties, contradictions, ironies, and incongruities in the text.
  • The screenplay is extremely faithful to the novel and to history, creating visual symbols that connect the movie to the themes of the text.

Written ProficiencyCA English Language Arts Standards Grammar and Mechanics of Writing 1.1 Identify and correctly use clauses (e.g., main and subordinate), phrases (e.g., gerund, infinitive, and participial), and mechanics of punctuation (e.g., semicolons, colons, ellipses, hyphens).1.2 Understand sentence construction (e.g., parallel structure, subordination, proper placement of modifiers) and proper English usage (e.g., consistency of verb tenses).1.3 Demonstrate an understanding of proper English usage and control of grammar, paragraph and sentence structure, diction, and syntax. Manuscript Form 1.4 Produce legible work that shows accurate spelling and correct use of the conventions of punctuation and capitalization.1.5 Reflect appropriate manuscript requirements, including title page presentation, pagination, spacing and margins, and integration of source and support material (e.g., in-text citation, use of direct quotations, paraphrasing) with appropriate citations. 25%50pts Each error, from any of the following areas, will result in a 5% reduction in score:
  • Capitalization

    • Proper Nouns

    • Titles / Headings

    • 1 st Letter in Sentences

  • Punctuation

    • Ends of Sentences

    • Quotes / Citations

    • Apostrophes

  • Spelling

  • Word Choice

    • Homonyms (There, Their, They’re; Its, It’s, etc.)

    • Each Word Fits the Intended Use (ex. “I cheer fore the Kings.”)

  • Grammar

- Subject / Verb Agreement - Verb Tense - No Run-On Sentences - No Sentence Fragments
  • Audience / Format Appropriate

    • No Slang

    • Formal Language (When Appropriate)

  • Organization

    • Each Paragraph Contains and Supports One Main Idea

    • Transitions Used When Needed

Historical Write-up

Criteria Weight Unsatisfactory Proficient Advanced
History Content Standards 10.8.5 Analyze the Nazi policy of pursuing racial purity, especially against the European Jews; its transformation into the Final Solution; and the Holocaust that resulted in the murder of six million Jewish civilians. 10.9.6 Understand how the forces of nationalism developed in the Middle East, how the Holocaust affected world opinion regarding the need for a Jewish state, and the significance and effects of the location and establishment of Israel on world affairs. 80% Historical write-up lacks elements from the proficient column or:
  • Lacks citation
  • Is historically inaccurate
  • Contains personal biases of group members
Historical write-up includes
  • An explanation of the Nazi policy of racial purity against the Jews
  • An overview of the Jewish experience during WWII
  • An interview with an American citizen or resident containing their opinion on the creation of the State of Israel
  • A non-American perspective on the creation of the State of Israel (a cited quote or interview)
  • A group hypothesis on how the Holocaust/Shoah affected world opinion on the creation of the State of Israel
  • A Modern Jewish perspective of the Holocaust/Shoah
  • UN Resolution 181
  • ALL sources are cited
In addition to all of the elements of the proficient column, historical write-up includes:
  • Middle Eastern response to the Creation of Israel
  • Religious importance of the territory of the State of Israel
  • A connection between current political events and the Creation of the State of Israel

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