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Exercise removed from textbook

Exercise removed from textbook

Toastmasters International cites a February 2001 report by Gallop Poll that 40% of Americans fear public speaking. A student believes that less than 40% of students at her school fear public speaking. She randomly surveys 361 schoolmates and finds that 135 report they fear public speaking. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine if the percent at her school is less than 40%. ( Source: http://toastmasters.org/artisan/detail.asp?CategoryID=1&SubCategoryID=10&ArticleID=429&Page=1 )

In 2004, 68% of online courses taught at community colleges nationwide were taught by full-time faculty. To test if 68% also represents California’s percent for full-time faculty teaching the online classes, Long Beach City College (LBCC), CA, was randomly selected for comparison. In 2004, 34 of the 44 online courses LBCC offered were taught by full-time faculty. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine if 68% represents CA. NOTE: For a true test, use more CA community colleges. (Sources: Growing by Degrees by Allen and Seaman; Amit Schitai, Director of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, LBCC).

For a true test, use more CA community colleges.
  • E

  • F

  • H

    Decision: Do not reject null
  • I

    ( 0 . 65 , 0 . 90 ) size 12{ \( 0 "." "65",0 "." "90" \) } {}

According to an article in The New York Times (5/12/2004), 19.3% of New York City adults smoked in 2003. Suppose that a survey is conducted to determine this year’s rate. Twelve out of 70 randomly chosen N.Y. City residents reply that they smoke. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine is the rate is still 19.3%.

The average age of De Anza College students in Winter 2006 term was 26.6 years old. An instructor thinks the average age for online students is older than 26.6. She randomly surveys 56 online students and finds that the sample average is 29.4 with a standard deviation of 2.1. Conduct a hypothesis test. ( Source: http://research.fhda.edu/factbook/DAdemofs/Fact_sheet_da_2006w.pdf )

  • E

  • F

  • H

    Decision: Reject null
  • I

    ( 28 . 8, 30 . 0 ) size 12{ \( "28" "." 8,"30" "." 0 \) } {}

In 2004, registered nurses earned an average annual salary of $52,330. A survey was conducted of 41 California nursed to determine if the annual salary is higher than $52,330 for California nurses. The sample average was $61,121 with a sample standard deviation of $7,489. Conduct a hypothesis test. ( Source: http://stats.bls.gov/oco/ocos083.htm#earnings )

La Leche League International reports that the average age of weaning a child from breastfeeding is age 4 to 5 worldwide. In America, most nursing mothers wean their children much earlier. Suppose a random survey is conducted of 21 U.S. mothers who recently weaned their children. The average weaning age was 9 months (3/4 year) with a standard deviation of 4 months. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine is the average weaning age in the U.S. is less than 4 years old. ( Source: http://www.lalecheleague.org/Law/BAFeb01.html )

  • E

  • F

  • H

    Decision: Reject null
  • I

    ( 0 . 60 , 0 . 90 ) size 12{ \( 0 "." "60",0 "." "90" \) } {} - in years

Try these multiple choice questions.

When a new drug is created, the pharmaceutical company must subject it to testing before receiving the necessary permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the drug. Suppose the null hypothesis is “the drug is unsafe.” What is the Type II Error?

  • A

    To claim the drug is safe when in, fact, it is unsafe
  • B

    To claim the drug is unsafe when, in fact, it is safe.
  • C

    To claim the drug is safe when, in fact, it is safe.
  • D

    To claim the drug is unsafe when, in fact, it is unsafe

The next two questions refer to the following information: Over the past few decades, public health officials have examined the link between weight concerns and teen girls smoking. Researchers surveyed a group of 273 randomly selected teen girls living in Massachusetts (between 12 and 15 years old). After four years the girls were surveyed again. Sixty-three (63) said they smoked to stay thin. Is there good evidence that more than thirty percent of the teen girls smoke to stay thin?


Questions & Answers

List and explain four factors of production
Vuyo Reply
capital labour entrepreneur natural resources
What is supply
Ogodo Reply
when the supply decreases demand also decreases
types of demand and the explanation
akin Reply
what is demand
akin Reply
other things remaining same if demend is increases supply is also decrease and if demend is decrease supply is also increases is called the demand
if the demand increase supply also increases
you are wrong this is the law of demand and not the definition
Demand is the willingness of buy and ability to buy in a specific time period in specific place. Mian you are saying law of demand but not in proper way. you have to keep studying more. because its very basic things in Economics.
what is commercialization?
Doris Reply
How to talk loan for bank?
Alfred Reply
what is the meaning of gpa?
Ritisha Reply
Answer: GPA stands for Grade Point Average. It is a standard way of measuring academic achievement in the U.S. Basically, it goes as follows: Each course is given a certain number of "units" or "credits", depending on the content of the course.
what is small and Microbuisenes
tadesse Reply
What is fiscal policy
Who is the funder of Economic
founder , that is Adam Smith
what is model
Daniel Reply
The wealth of Nations
Yusuf Reply
the wealth of nations, is it the first?
Yes very sure it was released in 1759
thank you Yusuf.
then when did he died?
17 July 1790 Born: 16 June 1723, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom Place of death: Panmure House, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
that's my today questions, thank you Yusuf it's bed time see u after.
what is fiscal policy
kemigisha Reply
what's mode?
Umar Reply
mode is the highest occurring frequency in a distribution
mode is the most commonly occurring item in a set of data.
Please, what is the difference between monopoly and monopsony?
Olaleye Reply
is there monopsony word?
I have no idea though
please, in which year Adam smith was born?
monopsony is when there's only one buyer while monopoly is when there's only one producer.
who have idea on Banter
like trade by barter?
Monopoly is when there's excessively one seller and there is no entry in the market while monopsony is when there is one buyer
Adam smith was born in 1723
 (uncountable) Good humoured, playful, typically spontaneous conversation. verb (intransitive) To engage in banter or playful conversation. (intransitive) To play or do something amusing. (transitive) To tease mildly.
which book Adam smith published first? the first book of Adam smith pls.
wealth on nation, 1776
what is market power and how can it affect an economy?
Gab Reply
market power:- where a firm is said to be a price setter.market power benefits the powerful at the expense of others.
Market power refers to the ability of a firm (or group of firms) to raise and maintain price above the level that would prevail under competition is referred to as market or monopoly power. The exercise of market power leads to reduced output and loss of economic welfare
find information about the national budget
three branches of economics in which tourism is likely to figure
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What are those three branches?
in a comparison of the stages of meiosis to the stage of mitosis, which stages are unique to meiosis and which stages have the same event in botg meiosis and mitosis
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