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As we have seen in the reversibility test, moral imagination also requires projecting ourselves into the positions of others and viewing the situation from their standpoint. This does not require abandoning ourselves to this perspective, especially when there are moral problems with doing so. But showing during the course of the debate that you have taken time to explore the situation from the standpoint of the different stakeholders, that you have taken the time to listen to and understand the objections of the other team, and that you have carefully considered the issues raised by the peer review teams is the best way to show moral imagination in the Ethics Bowl.

Moral creativity requires showing that you have taken the effort to design non-obvious solutions to the problems at hand. Going beyond the obvious requires re-framing so moral creativity requires moral imagination. But moral creativity also requires exercise of the virtue of reasonableness. If you are confronted with a solution where values are in conflict, have you considered creative, out-of-the-box methods for integrating them? When one way of framing the problem and the situation fails to produce helpful answers, have you tried reformulating the problem? If you cannot solve the entire problem, ahve you tried solving a part and setting the rest aside for a more productive time? Moral creativity requires demonstration of out-of-the-box thinking on how to solve moral problems.

Additional activities

    Activities before and after the ethics bowl

  • Work with and practice your ethical approaches, ethics tests, and other frameworks. They will help structure your presentation, responses to the other teams, and answers to the peer review judges' questions.
  • Prepare your cases. This requires developing a format or template that makes it possible for one person to specialize on the case but facilitates disseminating the case to the rest of the team. Solution evaluation matrices help. So do concise problem statements.
  • After the Ethics Bowl you will be asked to do an in-depth analysis of the case you debated during the competition. You will find a format for this analysis in the Engineering Ethics Bowl: Follow-up In-Depth Case Analysis module, m13759.
  • Finally, what did you learn while working together as a team? What kind of cooperative problems developed? How did you solve them? Did they correspond to the problems raised by the "Ethics of Team Work" module or were they different? In fact, go back over that module and see how well it prepared you for the issues that arose as you interacted with your team.

Alternate or optional activities related to this EAC module.


Uploaded below are suggested or optional assessment activates for students to carry out.

Muddiest point assessment activity

This assessment activity provides a global of the strongest and weakest points of the Professional Ethics Bowl.

Module assessment form

This assessment form has been adapted from one disseminated by Michael Davis in the Illinois Institute of Technology Ethics Across the Curriculum Workshops. It provides a global assessment of a given module.

Assessment and Scoring Tips to Peer Review Teams (Under Construction)

Module-background information

Information about the source or history of this module that may be interesting for students or instructors.

The Ethics Bowl This link will take you the the official home of the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl. It appears as a part of the web page of the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at the Illinois Institute of Technology.


Under construction

  • Additional Background Knowledge
  • Contextual Setting
  • Relevant Ethical Theories and Frameworks
  • Technical Background Information
  • Discipline Specific Information
  • References or links to related information
  • Etc.

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