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The cons are life is boring, and it’s a lot of hard work. You have to work all the time, and things you think you enjoy you really don’t, because you had to do work to get that enjoyment, taking away any pleasure you might get (the work the enjoyment took to get takes away from the enjoyment itself). There aren’t enough fun things in life to do fun stuff all the time, or even a tiny amount of the time. Sadness always exists, and we never wanted it there in the first place. Real sad stuff exists in life that we don’t want to be there, and that we can’t do anything about. When you’re sad, you’re sad, and usually nothing in the world can change that, there is just no hope. Overall, the negatives in life overshadow the positives. Everything in life makes you feel, but since bad stuff exists, it’s going to make you feel bad, and there is nothing you can do about it. Humans can’t even remember 99.9% of what they live through, so what’s the point of doing it if it’s going to be forgotten? If you analyze all the feelings you had today, you’ll see that only a tiny portion of them were happy or emotional ones, that life sucks, and human’s are robotic and unfeeling most of the time, burdened by anxiety and stress. Since people try to be practical they are fundamentally selfish, so life is really just each person for themselves, but they have to run into other people constantly in order to do that! The number of people you run into in life is limited, and therefore the number that actually know you is much smaller then the idea you have in your mind is. You can’t instantly rate how good your life is (on a 1-10 scale) so it needs to be analyzed slowly, but when that analysis is done (say by reading this webpage), you realize it sucks. The two main activities in life, school and work, suck because they are boring, repetitious, and structured. Although life seems large, in reality there are very few interesting things in it.

Everything in life is boring

Just add, "Well, all you're doing there" before something anyone can do, and you'll realize that what they are doing is actually boring, no matter what it happens to be. Say adding 1 to 1. "Well, all you're doing there" is adding 1 to 1 to get 2. See? You can go through everything in life and eliminate it this way as boring. It's a challenge; you won't be able to find something not boring. That's proof that life is boring, and it sucks. Or say you're walking, just add, well, all you're doing there is walking, and you realize how it's actually boring.

If you’re not doing something intense you’re doing something boring

If you’re not doing something intense, then you’re doing something boring. Everything in this modern life is boring because there is no real intensity. Just ask about any activity you’re doing, “is this intense”? And you’ll realize that it isn’t. The only real intense activities would happen if there was no human civilization, and you were just out in the wild. Typing at a computer is incredibly not interesting and not a very active activity. Watching a game involves you sitting there staring at a small field for an incredibly long period of time. Think harder, really everything you have ever done, no matter how small or how big, wasn’t intense at all. To understand how intense something you’re doing is, just compare it to how intense your life would be if you were in the wild trying to survive on your own. Everything really is boring now. Your mind really needs to be “woken up” naturally in order for it to have maximum stimulation. When you’re out in the wild hunting all your senses are on the alert so you are very energized. When you have that energy you really feel it coursing through your body. You can’t have any “relaxing” factors to relax your mind, you have to be trying your hardest, and the only way you are ever going to be trying your hardest is if you’re going to die from starvation if you don’t succeed. That’s a really terrible, slow death that will motivate you to be at your most alert. Conditions like that simply don’t exist in modern society anymore. In prehistoric times you’d be doing stuff like that all the time. Your entire life would be like that, all your memories and such, so it would all add up. Even if you could do it now for a short period somehow it wouldn’t be the same because your mind would still be sedated by our modern society from its memories of it. You’d be more aware of your surroundings and your physical senses would be absorbing the world around you all the time, you’d feel fresh. People today are feel stale and not alert at all. It’s like long term torture by not being in a healthy state, you’re basically just sleeping. That causes inner mental pain and trauma in slight amounts that is there all the time. You can feel that that pain from your slowness would go away if you were in a more natural environment, and go away even more if you were there your entire life. That energy just doesn’t exist anymore - “emotional intensity” will never equal physical alertness.

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