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Take this dream “We’re in a hotel. We all have rooms, but we’re in Steve’s room. There are multiple beds that may be stacked. We are trying to make music. A boy starts playing guitar and it’s fantastic. Steve holds up my cell phone, it’s recording, he hands it to me. Steve asks me to play it back. There is a lot of music. One song my clarinet is so sharp. Steve says ‘if you can’t hear that…’ condescending. Steve leaves the room. We are competing for his attention, girls and boys. I am on a bed that is high. I know I’m the favorite and they’re asking me about it and I decide to leave. I slide off the bed, then reach up under the rail and grab a black candle (handmade) and a cigarette and something else.” That is also very out of the ordinary, in fact that would probably never actually happen in real life because everyone in the hotel would hear the music. The dreamer obviously wasn’t logically, clearly thinking. If she/he was then the dream would have ended with the people next door complaining about the noise, or there being somewhere in the dream something about checking to see if the hall was clear, but even then someone might walk down it. The point is it is very out of the ordinary, which, since it is rare, is probably more emotional solely because it’s a new and exciting experience that you furthermore can’t have in real life, so it also has that “I want it since I can’t have it” emotional feel. This is the real kicker, you can sense that the dream wouldn’t have made any sense if they actually checked to see if there were other people in the hall. It is only an ordinary, regular dream, if it doesn’t make sense. And you can sense that that is true.

Let’s see how out of the ordinary this dream is. (All this so far proves that dreams are out of the ordinary, probably just to add emotional content because of the contrast with reality). “We are rehearsing. Instead of a lyrics sheet there is a flat piece of 3D art. It’s a series of concentric circles. One of the circles is made to look like a brick wall. That’s the verse I am supposed to sing. I get singled out and have to sing the verse alone. It’s about life going around and down forever. There’s an infinity symbol.”

For starters there is no such thing as a flat piece of 3D art, 3D is 3D, but you can see how that would be fun for the dreamer to think about, entertaining for him to think about how it could be 3D, yet not 3D at the same time. This emphasizes the emotional content, but it low on the logical content. Why is the emotional content emphasized? Because dreams are for entertainment, you’re trying to have fun in your dream. So he/she mixes the lyrics sheet, 3D art, and flat together. That’s a fun thing to do. Dreams in general are going to be more on the fun side, less on the logical, ah this makes sense side. Take the line “one of the circles is made to look like a brick wall”. That just doesn’t make any sense. Exactly, that’s what is fun about it, trying to imagine something that doesn’t make any sense. Trying to put together in reality, things that just can’t be put together. It’s like you’re trying and trying to do something that just can’t be done. That’s behavior typical of an immature child that just won’t give up. It’s fun to try and break reality and put things together that don’t belong together. That way you create something new and different, something you’d want to dream about. People don’t want to think clearly in dreams, they want to relax, have fun, and do things that they never could in reality. See things they’ve never seen, and experience emotions that they aren’t going to be able to experience in other places.

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