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  • Use digital formats for texts and supplemental materials
  • Insure access to print materials for use with technology (assistive technology such as screen readers)
  • Offer visual and auditory approaches to retrieve course content
  • Highlight key concepts and terms
  • Provide examples for each concept
  • Use ALT (alternative text) tags for images on web pages

Tolerance for Error. Universal design for instruction is perhaps above all else an inclusive approach that embraces, welcomes and encourages diverse student needs. This principle calls for attitudes and actions that demonstrate respect for students as adults, contributing to the learning of all. Questions and comments are encouraged and individual needs are respected. In all likelihood, all instructors believe this is a worthy goal. Taking specific steps within a course can however call for subtle adjustments. Selected strategies include:

  • Offer online practice exercises
  • Involve students in self and peer assessment
  • Monitor student progress
  • Comment and provide detailed feedback on assignments
  • Offer opportunities to provide drafts and resubmission of assignments
  • Develop study guides
  • Provide grading rubrics for all assignments
  • Offer examples of exemplary assignments
  • Suspend grammar, spelling and punctuation requirements for online discussions to promote participation
  • Use point based grading to allow self monitoring and as an incentive

Low physical effort. Universal design for instruction recognizes that students will be of a wide range of ages, backgrounds, physical characteristics and personal circumstances. This principle calls for considering the physical effort required to complete the course and systematically eliminating -- or at least adjusting -- anything that is unnecessary. The learning should be about the material not the physical place called "class". Selected strategies include:

  • Use computer based media for testing and written assignments
  • Provide reading material in digital form
  • Encourage students to use assistive technology for disability accommodations
  • Check for understanding and monitor progress

Size and Space of Approach. Learning space accommodates student and methods considering approach, reach, manipulations and use based on student physical, mobility and communication needs.

Selected strategies include:

  • Consider physical and attention requirements of assignments
  • Plan for access to materials, equipment, and media
  • Support the use of assistive technologies for access to learning materials
  • Use computer technology including camera and microphones as needed
  • Insure student has access to accommodations for physical access
  • Monitor pace and transition to new units

Community of Learners. Interaction among students and faculty promotes a positive learning environment which can be a challenge when learners are working in isolated settings. There are a variety of strategies to promote contact in distance environments. Selected strategies include:

  • Ask students to introduce themselves, share relevant experience and respond to one another
  • Form small groups for study or collaborative group work selected by students themselves
  • Establish ground rules for interactions
  • Value peer interaction and communication
  • Rotate group member roles (facilitator, note taking) during group sessions
  • Create rubric for responding to classmates’ discussion forums
  • Offer access to office hours and individual meetings
  • Offer learners opportunities to participate in social networking groups or online discussions
  • Set up email, chats, blogs and wikis
  • Structure activities so students progress through the course at the same rate
  • Invite previous students to participate as guest lecturers

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