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Equitable Use. Universal design for instruction involves anticipating varying needs and circumstances, respectful of diversity with high expectations for all learners. Intrinsic to this idea is that students can access the course and find it a fair and safe learning environment. This principle is so central to addressing student needs that it is sometimes even equated with the concept of universal design. At its heart is a commitment to remove barriers to accessing (i.e. "obtaining") course materials and taking part in essential activities. Selected strategies include:

  • Provide class notes or power point presentation or graphic organizer
  • Provide course materials on CD
  • Use course website to post syllabus, assignments, readings and notes
  • Offer all readings as documents on website rather than linking to original sites
  • Assign exercise requiring students to use all features of the course website
  • Discuss netiquette for discussions and online interaction
  • Explore computer operating system’s accessibility features

Flexibility. Universal design for instruction involves overcoming confusion, coordinating all parts of the curriculum, and clarifying communications. This principle itself, perhaps deceptively simple to understand can be difficult to implement. However, what we know about learning from study skills professionals is in general a tremendous help. Selected strategies include:

  • Offer choice among assignments, formats and deadlines
  • Supplement video lectures with notes, or closed captioning
  • Use varied methodologies to convey information
  • Provide lecture as a concept map or graphic organizer
  • Select textbooks with electronic format and web links to supplemental reading

Simple and Intuitive. Universal design for instruction involves offering options in order to enable physical use, allow fuller participation, and permit suitable demonstration of mastery of course requirements. This principle, perhaps more than any other, requires imagination. The result, however, can create richer learning for all involved, including students exercising their options, to the benefit of themselves, their classmates and the instructor. Selected strategies include:

  • Clarify expectation for level and frequency of participation
  • Design a comprehensive course syllabus and assignment guide
  • Use a vocabulary list of terminology related to the course
  • Provide a well organized course website
  • Reduce unnecessary clutter and minimize non-critical tasks
  • Use textbook as framework for organization of course
  • Use textbook support materials including study guides, vocabulary and additional assignments
  • Provide calendar in course outline for assignments and due dates
  • Develop grading rubrics for assignments

Perceptible Information. Universal design for instruction involves maximizing all communication media, without presumption that students are physically or cognitively enabled for all media. This principle calls for a two-pronged review of course materials, resources and delivery. At first glance, “explicitly presented” seems to imply “readily perceived”, but there is a difference. For example, imagine a clearly spoken lecture in a poorly lighted room with a hearing-impaired student in the back row. Selected strategies include:

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