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    What would you do if you were in maria's place?

  • Accept the interview offer but not try to recruit any of your friends.
  • Accept the interview offer and try to recruit some of your friends to go along.
  • Refuse to accept the interview on moral grounds.
  • Refuse to accept the interview because it would interfere with the class in Practical and Professional Ethics that you are currently taking.
  • Report this company to the appropriate governmental agency since they are clearly distinguishing against candidates from so-called minority groups
  • Your solution....

2. working for mega weapons

Jorge is an unemployed computing professional. He is also a pacifist. Antonio, a friend, has a job prospect. Mega Weapons is looking for someone with Jorge’s expertise. Yes, he will be spending time developing the guidance systems for “smart bombs.” But the accurate, smart bombs will be less likely to go astray and kill innocent civilians. Jorge, however, remains unimpressed by this. “They’re still bombs,” he says, “and their primary purpose is to kill human beings. Besides, I would compromise myself by even accepting an interview. What if they ask me about my views on war? I would have to tell them the truth and then they would dismiss me as a candidate.”Jorge tells his wife about the job prospect. While she supports his pacifism, she tells him that she can’t continue indefinitely as a waitress; her job is preventing her from completing her college degree and keeps her away from the children. She asks Jorge if there is any way he can reconcile this job with his pacifism. What should Jorge do?

    What should jorge do is he receives a request to interview with mega weapons?

  • Jorge should not go to the interview because he is not "sincerely interested" in this position. His pacifism cancels out any possibility of "sincere interest".
  • Jorge should accept this interview request because his obligations to his family outweigh matters of personal morality and personal conscience such as his pacifism.
  • Jorge should accept this interview and a job offer, if one follows, precisely because of his pacifism. If he refuses then Mega Weapons will find a war monger who will do all kinds of harm. By taking the job and using his skills to minimize harm in weapons development Jorge is doing his best to realize the pacifist agenda.
  • Jorge should set aside his pacifism and use his engineering skills to carry out politically sanctioned weapons projects just as a doctor should set aside personal likes or dislikes of a patient and exercise his or her skills dispassionately and professionally.
  • Your solution...

Full and honest disclosure

  • The job candidate is required to provide full information relative to the job description as advertised. This would include elements such as:
  • Educational Experience
  • Prior work experience
  • Other job relevant skills and knowledge
  • Do religion, sexual preference, marital status, political viewpoints, and recreational practices constitute job relevant matters? In other words, are these matters private to the job candidate or are there occasions when the prospective employer has a right to access this information?
  • Distinguish between information to which an interviewer has a right and the means the interviewer has the right to use to uncover this information. Do interviewers have the right to require that job candidates (1) take polygraph examinations, (2) undergo drug tests, (3) take psychological profiling exams, (4) be subjected to "staged crises" to find out how a candidate would handle such an event? These may constitute information areas to which the prospective employer has a right, but does the interviewer also have a right to use these means to obtain this information?

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What fields keep nano created devices from performing or assimulating ? Magnetic fields ? Are do they assimilate ?
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yes I'm doing my masters in nanotechnology, we are being studying all these domains as well..
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biomolecules are e building blocks of every organics and inorganic materials.
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sciencedirect big data base
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nano basically means 10^(-9). nanometer is a unit to measure length.
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fullerene is a bucky ball aka Carbon 60 molecule. It was name by the architect Fuller. He design the geodesic dome. it resembles a soccer ball.
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Mostly, they use nano carbon for electronics and for materials to be strengthened.
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