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We assume that your program runs correctly. It would be rather ridiculous to time a program that’s not running right, though this doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Depending on what you are doing, you may be interested in knowing how much time is spent overall, or you may be looking at just a portion of the program. We show you how to time the whole program first, and then talk about timing individual loops or subroutines.

Timing a whole program

Under UNIX, you can time program execution by placing the time command before everything else you normally type on the command line. When the program finishes, a timing summary is produced. For instance, if your program is called foo , you can time its execution by typing time foo . If you are using the C shell or Korn shell, time is one of the shell’s built-in commands. With a Bourne shell, time is a separate command executable in /bin . In any case, the following information appears at the end of the run:

  • User time
  • System time
  • Elapsed time

These timing figures are easier to understand with a little background. As your program runs, it switches back and forth between two fundamentally different modes: user mode and kernel mode . The normal operating state is user mode. It is in user mode that the instructions the compiler generated on your behalf get executed, in addition to any subroutine library calls linked with your program. Cache miss time is buried in here too. It might be enough to run in user mode forever, except that programs generally need other services, such as I/O, and these require the intervention of the operating system — the kernel. A kernel service request made by your program, or perhaps an event from outside your program, causes a switch from user mode into kernel mode.

Time spent executing in the two modes is accounted for separately. The user time figure describes time spent in user mode. Similarly, system time is a measure of the time spent in kernel mode. As far as user time goes, each program on the machine is accounted for separately. That is, you won’t be charged for activity in somebody else’s application. System time accounting works the same way, for the most part; however, you can, in some instances, be charged for some system services performed on other people’s behalf, in addition to your own. Incorrect charging occurs because your program may be executing at the moment some outside activity causes an interrupt. This seems unfair, but take consolation in the fact that it works both ways: other users may be charged for your system activity too, for the same reason.

Taken together, user time and system time are called CPU time . Generally, the user time is far greater than the system time. You would expect this because most applications only occasionally ask for system services. In fact, a disproportionately large system time probably indicates some trouble. For instance, programs that are repeatedly generating exception conditions, such as page faults, misaligned memory references, or floating-point exceptions, use an inordinate amount of system time. Time spent doing things like seeking on a disk, rewinding a tape, or waiting for characters at the terminal doesn’t show up in CPU time. That’s because these activities don’t require the CPU; the CPU is free to go off and execute other programs.

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