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In electron microscope the electron can be accelerated to higher energy to obtain a finer resolution. It can resolve on the scale of molecules but can barely perceive the atoms.

To resolve at atomic and sub-atomic level we need to go to particle accelerators. Particle Accelerators are gargantuan machines which can be regarded as giant microscopes for probing into the innermost recesses of matter - an awesome complement to the giant telescopes which probe to the edges of the Universe .

To arrive at the resolving power of particle accelerator we must know Special Theory of Relativity and we must make relativistic corrections in order to arrive at the correct resolving power of the particle accelerators. These are described in the Appendix XXXXIV . Here we will just use them to arrive at the resolving power of the particle accelerators.

Relativistic momentum is related to the total energy E by the following relation ship:


de Broglie wavelength associated with this particle is:


Using Equation (1.99), the resolving power of various particle accelerators operational around the world is tabulated in Table(1.13).[Taken from Table(9.1), “Overview of Particle Physics”, by Abdus Salam, New Physics, edited by Paul Davies, Cambridge University Press, 1992]

Table 1.13. The resolution of the particle accelerators around the World.

Name&Location Energy reached Year Resolution Particle detected
Rutherford*Manchester,UK. Alpha decay10MeV,alpha particle’s velocity= 2×10 7 m/s, Alpha particle=4He nucleus; 1911 4.5×10^ -15 m Nucleus size= 10^ -14 m; Rutherford determined the size to be 30fmBut the correct estimate is 7fm;
1919 1.24×10^ -15 m Protonssize= 10^ -15 m=1fm;
1932 1.24×10^ -15 m Neutronssize= 10^ -15 m =1fm
1GeV 1.24×10^ -15 m
Bepc(e + e - ) Beijing 4GeV 1987
TRISTAN(e + e - ) Japan 60GeV 1987
10GeV 1979 1.24×10^ -16 m Quarks size= 10^ -16 m
SLC(e + e - ) Stanford,California,USA; 100GeV 1987 1.24×10^ -17 m W - , W + &Z 0 detected
LEP(I) (e + e - ) Large electron-positron collidorCERN, Geneva; 100GeV 1987 1.24×10^ -17 m
LEP(II) (e + e - ) CERN,Geneva 200GeV 1995 6.2×10^ -18 m Top Quarksdetected
HERA(ep)Hamburg 320GeV 1991 3.87×10^ -18 m
SpSCERN, Geneva 900GeV 1986 1.38×10^ -18 m
TevatronFermiLab,USA 1TeV 1987 1.24×10^ -18 m No excited state of quarks or leptons detected size= 10^ -18 m
TevatronFermiLab,USA 2TeV 1987 6.2×10^ -19 m
UNKSerpukhov,Russia 3TeV 1995 4.13×10^ -19 m
EeSerpukhov,Russia 4TeV ? 3×10^ -19 m
Large HadronCollider(LHC),CERN,Geneva 16TeV ? 7.75×10^ -20 m
SSC(super particle superconductingCollider),USA; 40TeV ? 3.1×10^ -20 m
1PeV ? 1.24×10^ -21 m
1EeV ? 1.24×10^ -24 m

* the first particle accelerator was established at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University. In 1919 Rutherford became the first Director and he was instrumental in establishing the particle accelerator.

In Metal the wavelength is comparable to the lattice constant. This is like light falling through a narrow aperture whose dimension is comparable to the wavelength. Incident light will form a circular diffraction pattern behind the aperture on the target screen. This implies that conducting electron in a metallic lattice is strongly scattered by the lattice centers. Hence it has a very low mobility.

In Semiconductor, the de Broglie wave length is much larger than the lattice constant. Hence lattice scattering is weak and only the gross imperfections cause the scattering. These gross imperfections could be phonons and dislocations extending over several lattice constants. This is what makes conducting electrons much more mobile in semiconductor as compared to that in metal.

In metal, conducting electrons behave like degenerate gas and not quite like ideal gas whereas in semiconductors they behave like non-degenerate gas which is more like ideal gas obeying ideal gas law.

In ideal gas the molecules are far apart, independent of one another and possessing average energy of (3/2)kT whereas in degenerate gas the molecules are closely packed and average kinetic energy is much larger than (3/2)kT. In Table(1.14),

Metals and Semiconductors parameters have been tabulated in the same table.

Table(1.14). Conductivity(σ), Fermi Level(E F ), Mean Free Path(L*) and Mean Free Time(τ) at 0°C for monovalent metals and semiconductors.

Metal σ (10 6 S/cm) ρ(Ω-cm) n (10^ 22 / cm 3 ) μ e cm^ 2 / (V-s)= σ/(nq) E F (eV) L*(A°) τ(fs)= m e μ/q ×10^ -4
Li 0.12 8.3 ×10^ -6 4.62 16.2 4.7 110 9
Na 0.23 4.35 ×10^ -6 2.65 54.17 3.1 350 31
K 0.19 5.26 ×10^ -6 2.1 370 44
Cu 0.64 1.67 ×10^ -6 8.5 47 7.0 420 27
Ag 0.68 1.47 ×10^ -6 5.9 72 5.5 570 41
Ge 47 n i = 2.25 ×10^ 13 3900 2106 2217
Si 300k n i = 1.15 ×10^ 10 1350 729 767.6
GaAs 70.5M n i =2 ×10^6 8600 4645.5 4890

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