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Economic and management sciences

Grade 7

Economic policy direction (1910 – 1994)

Module 13

Restoring socio-economic imbalances

1. Economic growth

In a developed economy most of the citizens make a contribution of some kind. In South Africa many citizens do not form part of the working fraternity. People can only join the work force if they possess a certain degree of knowledge and skills. Inhabitants who form part of a working fraternity earn more money and the general standard of living in such families is higher. A low family income is often the reason why a large percentage of school leavers have to forgo suitable training and the acquisition of the necessary skills.

It will require a lot of planning and dedication on the part of all role-players to create opportunities for as many people as possible to contribute to South Africa’s economic growth. Entrepreneurship should be encouraged, labour must be focussed and productive, and labourers must be properly schooled. Even if the government passes laws to provide the necessary structures, only the inhabitants of the country themselves can really make the economy grow.

2. Ubuntu

Everybody must become involved and greed must be replaced with feelings of human fellowship. Growth is possible only where there is a spirit of unselfishness. South Africa needs Ubuntu.

UBUNTUCase Study: Joseph’s Story

Joseph was born in Transkei 30 years ago, as the fifth child in a family of eight. His father worked in a clothing factory and his mother stayed at home to care for the children. At the age of 22 Joseph decided to join his father in the big city and find a job. This would enable him to contribute to the family’s income and raise their standard of living. Just outside Cape Town Joseph and his wife moved into a wooden shack in another family’s back-yard. It was small and there was no privacy. In winter-time it was flooded, but Joseph would not give up and kept looking for a job.

One day, while walking along a main road, he came across a motorist who was having trouble with his car. As a child Joseph acquired some mechanical knowledge by watching while his uncle serviced other people’s cars to earn a living. He offered his help and it was not long before the motorist, Mr. Wall, could move on, but not before he had noted down Joseph’s particulars.

At a time when Joseph was getting rather despondent and thought that he would never find a job in the city, he received a call from Mr. Wall. His steel firm in Somerset West was opening a branch in Durbanville and Mr. Wall was looking for a handyman who could monitor and manage all the maintenance in the factory. He was so impressed by Joseph’s helpfulness and mechanical expertise that he invited him to come for an interview.

Before long Joseph was receiving in service-training. He was sent for a driver’s licence so that he would also be able to do deliveries. The steel firm benefited from Joseph’s excellent and reliable services, and Joseph enjoyed some very good perks.

Early one morning, after only three months in his first job, Joseph was struck down in a taxi cross-fire. He was severely injured and had to spend four months in hospital until the reconstructive surgery was completed. Mr. Wall’s steel firm, knowing all about Josephs qualities, in the meantime employed Joseph’s wife to help the family survive. Since then Joseph has been back at work on a full-time basis, although Mr. Wall had to make certain amendments to his job description, for due to his injury he was no longer allowed to lift heavy objects. Mr. Wall also started training Thandi, his wife, to help with administrative tasks.

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