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It seems laughable that a tiny, tasty snack can cause severe reactions, even death, in most people!

Small children are very good about avoiding nuts if they are allergic to them, and their parents make few mistakes. Children are not in control of what they are given to eat. Mistakes are usually made by the adults who are not their parents. Not many people are aware of the severity of a peanut allergy. Peanuts are not always visible in foods. Some foods contain peanuts in a way that is not obvious and anyone can make a mistake occasionally.

A person who is severely allergic can have a fatal reaction to even the slightest contact with any form of peanut extract. Very few people are aware that peanuts continue to be a common ingredient in foods ranging from biscuits and muesli to crisps and Chinese dishes. Some people are so sensitive that they can develop an allergic reaction if they kiss someone who has eaten a peanut product, or if they eat with an utensil which has been in contact with peanuts.

What is a peanut allergy?

Peanut allergy is a serious and usually life-long allergy which can affect both children and adults. It is more likely to occur in children whose parents already suffer from some sort of allergy.

Who is at risk?

Children whose mothers regularly ate peanuts or peanut products while pregnant are at risk of having this allergy. Peanut allergy is also more common in children who were exposed to peanuts at an early age.

What are the symptoms?

An allergic reaction will occur within half an hour of being exposed to peanuts. A combination of the following symptoms can appear – sometimes within minutes – of exposure: an itching in the mouth or throat; difficulty breathing and swallowing; a rash and flushed skin; stomach cramps and nausea; weakness, collapse or fainting; increased heart rate.

How does one prevent peanut allergy?

Avoid peanuts in any form

Compile a list of foods to avoid

Read the labels on all foods

Steer clear of any unknown foods.

Inform all teachers, family members, babysitters, friends and their mothers about the allergy and what to do in case of a reaction

Wear a Medic Alert bracelet

Always carry the correct medication, clearly labelled.

1. Peanuts can cause fatal allergic reactions. T F
2. Extracts of peanuts can be found in children’s biscuits. T F
3. You cannot react to peanuts if you kiss someone who has eaten a peanut butter sandwich. T F
4. Peanut allergy only affects adults seriously. T F
5. Allergic reactions only occur after half an hour of coming into contact with the substance. T F
6. More than one symptom can appear at the same time during an allergic reaction. T F
7. Individuals with peanut allergy must avoid all contact with all peanut products at all times. T F
8. It is not necessary to read food labels, as peanuts are always obvious in foods. T F
9. Everybody coming into contact with the allergic person should be trained or informed as to what to do in the case of an allergic reaction. T F
10. Avoid all forms of ice-cream. T F

[LO 3.1.1; 3.8.1]

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