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English home language

Grade 5

Tickle your taste buds

Module 15

Word power


Try your hand at describing a person or topic through this eight-line formula.

line 1: Topic is a colour My mother is pink.
line 2: a season She is the summer time
line 3: a place in the kitchen.
line 4: a type of weather She is warm.
line 5: a type of clothing My mother is a slipper,
line 6: a piece of furniture a comfortable old sofa.
line 7: a TV show She is an Oprah show,
line 8: a type of food lumpy chicken gravy!

Try these:

A chef, a waiter, a fireman, a cow, a dinosaur, a teacher … or any other topic of your choice.

First attempt with a partner First attempt solo
How well did I do? Self Peer
I could choose a topic
I could write eight lines
I could write each line as stated in the formula
Fill your own criteria into this block:

[LO 3.7.1; 4.1.1; 4.3]

Poems can be such fun!

Find some food poems to read and/or dramatise in groups.

Here is a list of possible poems – just in case you are stuck:

Zanzibar Pete and Zoom-along Dick by Nancy Chambers

After Breakfast by Roy Fuller

I eat my peas with honey (Anon)

How to open … by John Fuller

Sweet Song by Vernon Scannell

Late for Breakfast by Mary Dawson

Greedy Dog by James Hurley

The Vulture by Hilaire Belloc

The Flattered Flying Fish by E.V. Rieu

Boa Constrictor by Shel Silverstein


Select the correct meaning for the word and test your word power!

  1. menu:
  1. a queue of people
  2. an order form
  3. list from which we can order to eat
  1. waiter:
  1. someone who is late for an appointment
  2. a servant
  3. someone who takes your order and waits on you in a restaurant
  1. chef:
  1. someone who cannot pronounce his words correctly
  2. the headman of a tribe
  3. a trained cook
  1. diner:
  1. supper
  2. someone who eats out at a restaurant
  3. a served meal
  1. dessert:
  1. a vast area where nothing grows
  2. to run away
  3. pudding
  1. napkin:
  1. usually a linen cloth used as a serviette
  2. worn on a baby’s bottom
  3. a short sleep
  1. maitre ‘d:
  1. the head waiter in a restaurant
  2. a French dish/meal
  3. comes after maitre ‘c
  1. tureen:
  1. the cloth used to wrap bodies of deceased people
  2. a deep dish with lid, usually for soup
  3. the female turtle
  1. liqueur:
  1. a sweet alcoholic drink
  2. a lollipop
  3. a fizzy cold drink
  1. hors d’oeuvre:
  1. a starter
  2. another word for a horse
  3. a herd of cattle


Can you make a sketch incorporating all ten of the words in the illustrations? (Only use the correct ones!)

[LO 6.1.2]

Discussion and role-play (group work)

What do you think these diners are complaining about? Discuss various options with your group members.

Act out this scene.

Firstly dramatise it in a negative and aggressive way, and following that in a positive manner.

Which is the better way of handling the problem?

[LO 1.3; 1.4; 1.6; 2.2.1; 2.2.4; 2.4.3; 2.4.4; 5.1.3]

Complete the speech bubbles

[LO 4.1.1; 4.4.2; 5.3.6; 5.4.1]

  • Is it colourful and bright?
  • Does it make you think the product is unique?
  • Is it clear and legible?
  • Is it set out in a way that is interesting?Does it have illustrations/graphics?
  • Does it have a suitable name?
  • Does it have a super slogan?

[LO 4.1.3; 5.3.5]

Silent reading: Carefully read through the following passage and decide whether the given statements are True (T) or False (F).

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