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(Caution! This module is still under development and changes are planned for the near future.) Recent work in moral psychology has established the profound impact that the context in which business is carried out has on business practices and practitioners. Moral ecologies are defined here as the various nested and overlapping social and organizational contexts that form the backdrop of human behavior and actions. This module is designed to help students identify different moral ecologies and design successful moral careers to respond to their special challenges. This module falls within the corporate governance unit of the courses Business, Society, and Government (GERE 6055) and Corporate Leadership and Social Responsibility (ADMI 3405). It has been developed through a National Science Foundation funded project, "Collaborative Development of Ethics Across the Curriculum Resources and Sharing of Best Practices," NSF-SES-0551779, also called the EAC Toolkit.

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Thought experiment: plato--the ring of gyges

The ring of gyges (plato's republic ii, s359)

Gyges a poor shepherd is tending his flock when there is an earthquake. A hugh crack opens in the earth to expose a sarcopagus. Gyges reaches in and takes the ring that draws his attention. Later, when he is talking among friends, he notices that he becomes invisible when he turns the ring in toward himself. He tries this out a few times and then forms his plans. Invisible, he gains entry to the king's castle and rapes the queen. Drawing her into his nefarious plan, they kill the king and take over the kingdom. Gyges marries the queen and becomes ruler of a large and wealthy kingdom. Somehow it doesn't seem fit to say that he lives "happily ever after." But, since he is never caught, it doesn't follow that his ill-gotten gain has made him miserable.

Before finding his ring, Gyges was, at least outwardly, a well-behaved, just citizen. But the combination of vast power and no accountability drew Gyges over to the dark side. Does the human character, like that of Gyges, dissolve in the face of temptation and lack of accountability? Is the threat of punishment necessary to keep individuals moral? Is visibility and the threat of punishment all that stands between an individual and a life of injustice?

Thought experiment: the milgram experiments

From 1960 until 1963, Stanley Milgram, a social psychologist, carried out a series of experiments on around 1000 subjects. Each experiment brought together three participants, a subject (or teacher), a learner, and an experimenter. In the initial orientation, the experimenter told the subject/teacher and the learner that they were about to participate in an experiment designed to measure the influence of punishment (in the form of electrical shocks) on learning. The learner was presented with information. The teacher then asked questions based on this information. If the learner answered correctly, then they went on to the next question. If the learner answered incorrectly, then he was given an electrical shock by the teacher. With each missed question the intensity of the shock increased. The experiment continued until all the questions were asked and answered.

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the art of managing the production, distribution and consumption.
Satangthem Reply
what is economics
Khawar Reply
marginal utility is the additional satisfaction one derives from consuming additional unit of a good or service.
It's the allocation of scarce resources.
marginal utility please?
marginal utility is the additional satisfaction one derives from consuming additional unit of a good or service.
I know the definition, but I don't understand its meaning.
what is the must definition of economic please?
demand lfs
Economics is derived from the word Oikonomia which means management of household things. Thus, Economics is a study of household things with the constrains of allocating scare resources.
what is Open Market Operation
Adu Reply
dominating middlemen men activities circumstances
Christy Reply
what Equilibrium price
Adji Reply
what is gap
who is good with the indifference curve
What is diseconomic
Alixe Reply
what are the types of goods
how can price determination be the central problem of micro economics
simon Reply
marginal cost formula
Nandu Reply
you should differentiate the total cost function in order to get marginal cost function then you can get marginal cost from it
What about total cost
how can price determination be the central problem if micro economics
formula of cross elasticity of demand
Theresia Reply
what is ceteris paribus
Priyanka Reply
what is ceteris parabus
Ceteris paribus - Literally, "other things being equal"; usually used in economics to indicate that all variables except the ones specified are assumed not to change.
What is broker
land is natural resources that is made by nature
What is broker
what is land
What is broker
land is natural resources that is made by nature
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what is this?
am from nigeria@ pilo
am from nigeria@ pilo
what is production possibility frontier
it's a summary of opportunity cost depicted on a curve.
please help me solve this question with the aid of appropriate diagrams explain how each of the following changes will affect the market price and quantity of bread 1. A
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Wat d meaning of management
igwe Reply
disaster management cycle
Gogul Reply
cooperate social responsibility
Fedric Wilson Taylor also define management as the act of knowing what to do and seeing that it is done in the best and cheapest way
in a comparison of the stages of meiosis to the stage of mitosis, which stages are unique to meiosis and which stages have the same event in botg meiosis and mitosis
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