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This module is a derived copy of a module that supports faculty development workshops. It is developed in conjunction with the EAC (ethics across the curriculum) Toolkit. Faculty development workshops bring instructors and researchers together into interdisciplinary teams to tackle the important task of providing students in the occupational and professional areas with ethics education. These workshops allow faculty the time and opportunity to develop resources and materials that support EAC educational efforts. But capturing the experience and knowledge generated can prove challenging. Post workshop enthusiasm and commitment wear off wear off as time passes. This module sustains the developing EAC community by providing an online environment in which participants can continue to develop and share the products created in EAC workshops. The community built up out of the collaborations that take place in faculty development workshops is maintained by having participants continue their collaboration through the testing, refining, and sharing of EAC modules and best practices. This module has been developed as a part of a project funded by the National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Development of Ethics Across the Curriculum Resources and Sharing of Best Practices," NSF-SES-0551779.

Issues identification activity in research ethics

On November 29, 2007, the GERESE team (Graduate Education in Research Ethics for Scientists and Engineers) held an issue identification workshop to identify and rank key issues in research ethics at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Workshop participants discussed scenarios in research ethics. A brainstorming session led to a large unrefined list of issues. To pare this down and rank the remaining issues, participants were given stickers that were assigned different numerical values. They voted their preferences by placing their stickers on the issues they valued the most. The raw score on each issue was then tabulated. The following table lists the issues and their rankings.

This table shows research ethics issues at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez as identified and ranked by representative faculty members.
Research ethics issues at uprm
Issue Votes
Plagiarism 50
Scientific Rigor 45
Authorship 32
Record Keeping 25
Misrepresenting Expertise/Competence 24
Power Disparity 21
Stealing Ideas (Robo de Ideas) 20
Amiguismo (Showing undue partiality to friends) 17

Retreat agenda (translated into english)

Mini Conference on Research Ethics For GERESE Project (NSF 0629377) Friday August 28, 20095:00 PM Welcoming and Presentation of Retreat Program and Project 5:30 Integration Exercise (Pirate Code of Ethics)6:30 Dinner 7:30 K-12 Outreach (Presentation)8:00 Presentation on Freestanding Research Ethics Courses Saturday August 29, 20097:30 AM Breakfast 8:30 Presentations on Workshop Series (GAW, MDW, CAW, and Banquet)10:00 Break with Poster Presentations 10:30 Presentation on Case and Module Development10:45 Cases prepared in Breakout Groups 11:15 Groups debrief to Plenary on Cases12:00 Lunch1:30 PM Presentation on Global Results of GERESE Project 2:00 Groups break out, discuss project, then provide assessment3:30 Closings, Evaluations, and Coffee
GERESE Faculty Retreat Agenda

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