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This Instructor Module is intended to support educators who use the UPRM Ethics Bowl activity module. It provides pedagogical information for instructors based on the experience of the authors. The goal is to promote collaboration and sharing of best practices in ethics education and to encourage other educators to engage in EAC. This module is being developed through the NSF funded EAC Toolkit Project (SES-0551779).

This Ethics Bowl Instructor Module corresponds to the student module, EAC Toolkit - UPRM Ethics Bowl - IIT Summer Institute Follow-up (see pre-requisite link on the right). The student module is part of the Corporate Governance course published in Connexions (col10396). First implemented as a capstone activity for engineering ethics classes (at the suggestion of Robert Ladenson of IIT who originated the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl held at the annual meetings of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics), this activity was reported on in its initial stages by Dr. Jose Cruz during an NSF-funded workshop on Ethics Across the Curriculum led by Michael Davis and carried out at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2003. Since then, the activity has undergone several revisions. This module and the student module link to Dr. Cruz's report. But they also include material added and revised since this report. By collecting this material in the student and instructor modules, readers can see how the competition has evolved as well as learn how it can be adapted to different learning situations.

Instructor resources (sharing best practices in eac!)

This section contains information related to the above referenced Student Module. The intent and expectation is that the information contained in this section will evolve over time based on the experiences and collaborations of the authors and users of the Student Module and this Instructor Module. For example, the authors, collaborators or users can provide the following kind of information (mainly directed at or intended for instructors).

Module-background information

Where did this module come from? (e.g. A workshop, news story, based on a movie, etc.) What condition is it in? (e.g. first draft, needs editing, publishable, etc.) How has it been used in the past? (e.g. in classroom, workshop activity, ethics debate, etc.) Other relevant or interesting details

Robert Ladenson describes the growth of the Ethics Bowl concept in his paper, "The Educational Significance of the Ethics Bowl. Currently, he directs an Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl consisting of regional competitions and a national competition held annually at the meetings of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. The ICEB has over the years developed prestige and stature including winning the American Philosophical Association prize for Excellence and Innovation in Philosophy Programs.

The Puerto Rican instantiation of the competition in Engineering and Corporate Governance classes represents something of a de-evolution of the concept. Ladenson began the competition within his school, the Illinois Institute of Technology; then it grew into its present form. At UPRM, we have brought the competition back into the classroom where it serves as the capstone activity for classes in Practical and Professional Ethics. With the minimal modifications we have made, it has turned into a very powerful classroom tool for teaching different aspects of Practical and Professional Ethics.

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