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Common Design of the Inquiry Statement

The inquiry statements are written in each dissertation to reflect the particular expected outcomes and corresponding inquiry procedures for completing a designated set of sequential research tasks related to that aspect of the research.

Common Dissertation Narrative Format

As indicated in each of the formatted types of companion dissertations, the collaborators determine how their dissertations will be written in terms of what is to be presented in each chapter of the dissertation. In these social and scientific discourses, the collaborators will need to determine how each chapter will be similar or dissimilar.

Same Chair

We recommend as one of the elements of the companion dissertation to have the same chair(s). Additionally, at least one other committee member who can serve on the companion dissertations for is needed for continuity.

Similar Abstracts Noting Companion

In the abstracts of the dissertation, note that the dissertation is a part of a companion project or is a companion dissertation. This provides the reader an understanding of the nature of the dissertation and clarifies any misunderstanding if reading the two or more dissertations in isolation. Additionally, it provides other researchers with information to review the research from the companions from a holistic viewpoint.

Benefits of Companion Dissertation Programs

Companion dissertations are the name implies—a work of teamwork and collaboration. Some work well under this structure, while others do not. However, in our experiences working within a structure of companion dissertations, we have found there to be several benefits of the companion dissertation program which have assisted graduate students, as well as professors, in several ways.

  • Faculty members have been able to design meaningful“custom-made”research elective courses.
  • Both faculty and students have increased collaborative discussions in dissertation advising.
  • Faculty members have established early on a clear rationale that allows students to connect formal coursework and dissertation research.
  • An opportunity has been created to provide both faculty and graduate students: hands on experience in conducting actual research syntheses and meta-analytic studies that have direct and immediate relevance in their own practicing professional environments.
  • An opportunity has been developed through this process for faculty members to update their research skills.
  • The process has created a community of learners.
  • The process has assisted in developing a culture in which collaboration in publication is valued.
  • Summarily, the use of companion dissertations has reduced the number of All But Dissertation (ABD) students because knowledge becomes an interdependent commodity and support of other students, such as a collaborative cohort, naturally increases completion rates.

Final Comments on Implementation Constraints and Recommendations

Companion dissertation programs are not without constraints. Five of the most critical challenges associated with implementing effective companion dissertation programs follow.

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