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This module uses the National Institute for Engineering Ethics (NIEE) video, Gilbane Gold, to introduce business students to the four ethical themes raised by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB): Ethical Leadership, Ethics in Decision-Making, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance. Students will find profiles of five key values in business ethics taken from the University of Puerto Rico's College of Business Administration Statement of Values: justice, responsibility, respect, trust, and integrity. Then they will view the 23 minute video, Gilbane Gold. From the vantage point of David Jackson (the young engineer portrayed in the video), they will use these values to resolve the decision point facing him at the end of the video. Students will also find exercises stemming from Gilbane Gold that tie into the remaining AACSB themes. This module has been developed as a part of the NSF-funded EAC Toolkit, SES 0551779. It also ties in with organizations that employ values-based decision-making approaches designed to realize a community's professed ethical values.

I. module introduction

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines introduced in the early 1990’s have transformed the way businesses respond to ethics. Formerly, corporations relied on compliance measures which became activated only after wrongdoing occurred. Violations occurred and compliance responses consisted of identifying and punishing those responsible. But the Federal Sentencing Guidelines push corporations toward a much more proactive stance; if a corporation is found guilty of law violation, its punishment is determined by the measures the corporation has already implemented to prevent the crime as well as the measures the corporation develops in response to the crime to mitigate it and prevent future reoccurrences. Working to prevent crime, accepting responsibility for crimes that could not be prevented, and learning from past mistakes all serve to “flag” corporate intention. In other words, corporations can demonstrate good intentions by documenting measures implemented to prevent crime and by showing a “responsive adjustment” to crimes they could not prevent.

It is in this new corporate context that corporations have begun to adopt values-based decision making. Instead of setting forth rules that outline minimum levels of forced compliance, they now ask employees to work beyond the moral minimum and seek occasions to actually realize or enhance moral value. In the decision making context, employees ask: (1) What can I do to make this a more just environment? (2) How do I go about respecting my co-workers? and (3) How do I identify and carry out my responsibilities, including social responsibilities, in my daily work?” These questions, representing instances of values-based decision-making, serve to change your focus from getting by with the moral minimum to realigning your moral and workplace efforts toward moral excellence.

In this module you will learn about ethical leadership, ethical decision-making, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance. The occasion for this learning is the classical ethics video, “Gilbane Gold.” You will view the video and practice values-based decision-making from within the role of David Jackson, the young engineer around whom the narrative of this video is built. To get you started, you will use the values portrayed in the University of Puerto Rico’s College of Business Administration Statement of Values. Module sections will outline what you will be doing and what you need to know as well as provide opportunities for you to reflect on what you have learned upon completion of this module.

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