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In this section, you will learn about this module’s exercises. The required links above provide information on the frameworks used in each section. For example, the Socio-Technical System module provides background information on socio-technical analysis. The "Three Frameworks" module provides a further description of the ethics tests, their pitfalls, and the feasibility test. These exercises will provide step by step instructions on how to work through the decision points presented above.

Exercise one: problem specification

In this exercise, you will specify the problem using socio-technical analysis. The STS section of the Toysmart Case narrative (found at Computing Cases) provides a good starting point. In the first table, enter the information from the Toysmart case materials pertinent to the general components of a STS, its hardware, software, physical surroundings, people/groups/roles, procedures, laws, data. Some examples taken from the STS description at Computing Cases are provided to get you started. Then, using the second table, identify the values that are embedded in the different components of the STS. For example, PICS (platforms for internet content selection) embody the values of security and privacy. Finally, using the data from your socio-technical analysis, formulate a concise problem statement.

Exercise 1a:

Read the socio-technical system analysis of the Toysmart case at http://computingcases.org. Fill in the table below with elements from this analysis that pertain to your decision point.

Socio-technical system table
Hardware Software Physical Surroundings People/Groups/Roles Procedures Laws, Codes, Regulations Data and Data Structures
Holt Education Outlet Platforms for Internet Content Selection Cyber Space Toysmart the corporation Buying Toys Online COPPA Toysmart Customer Data Base

    Instructions for table 1:

  1. Go to http://computingcases.org and review the STS description provided for the Toysmart case.
  2. Pull out the elements of the STS description that are relevant to your decision point. List them under the appropriate STS component in the above table.
  3. Think about possible ways in which these components of the Toysmart STS interact. For example, what kinds of legal restrictions govern the way data is collected, stored, and disseminated?
  4. Develop your STS table with an eye to documenting possible ethical conflicts that can arise and are relevant to your decision point.
Values embedded in key software components in the Toysmart case. Emphasis on machine/software negotiation for privacy preferences in Internet transactions.
Values embedded by relevant software
Software / Value Embedded PICS (Platforms for Internet Content Selection) (Platforms for Privacy Preferences) SSLs (Secured Socket Layers) that encrypt pages asking for SS numbers
Security Embodies privacy and security by filtering objectionable data. Security selected over free speech. Integrates property with security and privacy by converting information into property. Realizes / supports security by sealing off domains of information.
Privacy Embodies privacy and security by filtering objectionable data. Security selected over free speech. Integrates property and security by filtering objectionable data. Security selected over free speech. Realizes and supports privacy by sealing off domains of information.
Property Integrates property with security and privacy by converting information into property Realizes and supports property by restricting access (intellectual property protected by excluding non-authorized access.
Free Speech Interferes with free speech by filtering content. Content can be filtered with recipient's awareness. Facilitates by permitting information exchange on model of property exchange. But this limits exchange by assigning it a price. Restricts access.
Justice (Equity and Access) Could be used to restrict access to ideas by filtering ideas. Thus it could cut off flow of information into the intellectual commons. Facilitates by permitting information exchange on model of property exchange. But this limits exchange by assigning it a price. Because it restricts access to a domain, it can be used to reduce or cut off flow of information into the intellectual commons.

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