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           The most colorful aspect about Stavans is the self-assurance and anger whereupon he whips the critics against the crazy slang spilled from the Spanish side; that is to say, the Iberian Peninsula, like Stavans repeatedly calls Spain. This professor of Amherst College has the highest idea of what Spanglish is: “an attractive mixture, that it announces the birth of a new Hispanic;” that is to say, one more manifestation of the cosmic and racially mixed race of Vasconcelos, superior to the Latin and Anglo-Saxon civilizations. And it is that the crazy slang of Spanglish is not but the result of a clash of languages, of civilizations, the Spanish and the Anglo-Saxon, as it could not be otherwise. For that reason, the din of Lepanto resonates in the sounds of Spanglish, the breaks of the Invincible Army, the outbreak of Maine as a prelude of the Hispanic-North American war where Spain was humiliated by a British colony, and even the howls of the monkeys of Gibraltar that always will be British, forever says the professor, to the desperation of the Spaniards. The sounds of Spanglish represent a liberating catharsis of Spanish imperialism, the tyranny of the Spanish language and of the Real Academy of the Language (Real Academia de la Lengua) in Madrid, reincarnation linguistic of the Inquisition, whose executing arm in the U.S. is the North American Academy of the Language. Professor Stavans said that Spanish has been the imperial instrument of domination and proselytism, without forgetting that the evangelization of America was conducted in the Amerindian languages and not in Spanish as indicted by others, including the historian, Ricard, in the Spiritual Conquest of Mexico, who indicated that Spanish was never the official language of the Colony’s territories, although it was insistently requested by the colonizers of Felipe II in the XVII Century and the Archbishop Lorenzana of Mexico to Carlos IV when they only lacked a few years for their independence, that the language of communication in a great part of the New Spain was the Nahuatl, the language of the Aztec confederation, and who finally imposed Spanish as the official language were the Heroes of Independence in different Latin American republics. Stavans said that in The Iberian Peninsula, which is Spain, the expansion of Spanglish is a national obsession. Professor Stavans did not know Spain or the Iberian Peninsula well. The only obsession in Spain is terrorism, unemployment, and to see who wins the 2006 (at that time) soccer league, whether Madrid or Barça. Just as the professor said, no Chicano of the San Fernando Valley in Hollywood cares what the Real Academy of the Language is and what it does or about Spanish-- I mean the Spanish read in newspapers, which does not care if Spanglish grows or shrinks. As Professor Stavans knew, this is between friends, but it does not affect the destiny of the nation, as it is said in the speech of the Cuban Revolution. Stavans continued indicating that numbers of commentators who are Spaniards consider that Spanglish is a bad omen for Hispanics. If Mr. Stavans would have known these Spanish commentators, he would have not written such a thing. If the Spanish commentators did not care for Spain, why, then, would they be interested in the Hispanic civilization. But there is more. Not even the Spanish government obsessively cares about the Hispanic civilization. That federal money (there is no federal money in Spain) that Mr. Stavans said is invested by the Spanish government in promoting the civilization interests is peanuts if it is compared with the French centralist money inverted in promoting French culture and language.

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