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This module represents a selected list of music for men's voices appropriate for high school, college and community choirs. Most have an E, M, or D sybol to note level of difficulty.

Music for men's voices

Adler, S, Two Songs of Hope(e) (Mercury Music Corp.-430).

Bach, J. S., Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring(m) (Oxford Univ. Press-1625).

Bacon, E., Seven Canons(m) (Mercury Music Corp.-352-00114).

Bartok, B., Five Slovak Folk Songs(m) (Boosey&Hawkes-17682); Four Old Hungarian Folksongs(e) (Boosey&Hawkes-5575).

Bergsma, E., Let True Love Among Us Be(m) (Carl Fischer-CM6534).

Binkerd, G., Dum Medium Silentium (d) (Boosey&Hawkes-5630); There is a Garden in Her Face(d) (Boosey&Hawkes-5836); They Lie At Rest(d) (Boosey&Hawkes-5854).

Brahms, J., Alto Rhapsody(m) (J. Fischer-8559); Five Songs for Male Chorus(e) (Lawson-Gould-51450).

Britten, B., The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard(m) (Boosey&Hawkes-1992).

Bruckner, A., Locus Iste(e) (Arista Music Co.-AE155); Trosterin Musik(m) (Universal Music Co.).

Brumel, A., Mater Patris et Filia(m) (G. Schirmer-11011).

Buxtehude, D., Zion Hears the Watchman Singing(e) (E. C. Schirmer-538).

Byrd, W., Lord in Thy Rage(m) (Associated Music Pub.).

Charpentier, M. A., Laudate Dominum(m) (World Library).

Clement, J., Adoramus Te(e) (E. C. Schirmer-948).

Copland, A., Old American Songs(e) (Boosey&Hawkes); Stomp Your Foot(m) (Boosey&Hawkes).

Creston, P., Here Is Thy Footstool(m) (G. Schirmer-9793).

Deering, R., O Bone Jesu(m) (Associated Music Pub.-A437).

Dello Joio, N., O Sing Unto The Lord(m) (Carl Fischer-7138).

Des Prez, Josquin, Agnus Dei(m) (Theodore Presser); Pleni Sunt Coeli(m) (Theodore Presser); Tu Pauperum Refugium(d) (E. C. Schirmer-82).

di Lasso, O., Hodie Apparuit(m) (G. Schirmer-11783); Three Psalms(m) (Mercury Music Corp.-21).

Dufay, G., Magnificat in the Eighth Mode(m) (Mercury Music Corp.-MC29).

Felciano, R., Double Alleluia(m) (World Library 1532-1).

Frackenpohl, A., Essays on Women(e) (Carl Fischer-04698); Shepherds, Rejoice(e)(Robert King); Three Limericks(e) (E. B. Marks-114).

Gallus, J., In Nomine Jesu(m) (Lawson-Gould-51203); Resonet in Laudibus(m)(Novello-147); O Magnum Mysterium(m) (J. Fischer-7539).

Gibbons, O., O Lord, Increase My Faith(m) (H. W. Gray-671).

Gibbs, C. A., She Walks in Beauty(e) (Oxford Univ. Press-682).

Gretchaninoff, A., The Cherubic Hymn(m) (J. Fischer-8667); Glory to God(m) (E. B. Marks-53).

Handl, J., O Magnum Mysterium(d) (J. Fischer).

Hassler, H. L., Cantate Domino(m) (E. C. Schirmer-68); Verbum Caro Factum Est(m) (Mark Foster).

Haydn, F. J., Ode to Women(e) (Mercury).

Hoist, G., Dirge for Two Veterans(m) (G. Schirmer-8323).

Ives, C, December(e) (Peer-Southern-812-2; Processional: Let There Be Light(e) (Peer-Southern); Serenity(e) (Associated Music Pub.-377).

Kay, U., Triple Set(d) (MCA Music Corp.).

Kennedy, J. B., Down By the Salley Gardens(e) (Boosey&Hawkes-5840); Little Lamb, Who Made Thee(e) (Boosey&Hawkes-5654).

Kodaly, Z., Evening Song(m) (Boosey&Hawkes-5798); Soldier's Song(m) (Boosey&Hawkes-1892).

Kohn, K., Three Goliard Songs(d) (Carl Fischer-7432).

Kubik, G., Oliver De Lancey(m) (G. Schirmer-9862); Hop Up, My Ladies(m) (Southern Music Corp.-24-33); Litany and Prayer(m) (Southern Music Corp.-1011).

Lamb, G., Hodie Christus Natus Est(m) (G. Schirmer-12178).

Liszt, F., Gaudeamus Igitur(e) (Boosey&Hawkes-5408).

Lotti, A., Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs(m) (E. B. Marks-4458).

Martini, G. B., In Monte Oliveti(e) (E. C. Schirmer-1234).

Moe, D., I Will Extol Thee(m) (Augsburg Pub. House).

Monteverdi, C, Deus Tuorum Militum(d) (Oxford Univ. Press); Lauda Sion Salva- torem(d) (Franco Colombo-2031); Veni, Sponsa Christi(d) (Ricordi-20332).

Nelson, R., Behold Man(d) (Boosey&Hawkes 5403).

Palestrina, G. P., Assumpta est Maria(d) (Mercury Music Corp.-MCI); Ave Maria(d)(Harold Flammer).

Peeters, F., Entrata Festiva(d) (C. F. Peters-6159); Jubilate Deo(d) (McClaughlin&Reilly-1893).

Persichetti, V., Jimmie's Got a Goil(m) (G. Schirmer-9800); Sam Was a Man(m) (G.Schirmer-9791); Song of Peace(e) (Elkan-Vogel-130).

Piston, W., Carnival Song(m) (Arrow Press).

Pitoni, G., Cantate Domino(e) (Bourne Co.-ES56).

Praetorius, M., In Peace and Joy(e) (Concordia Pub. House 98-1715).

Quilter, R., Non Nobis Domine(m) (Boosey&Hawkes).

Schubert, F., Die Nacht(m) (Lawson-Gould-786); La Pastorella(m) (Lawson-Gould-512); Standchen(m) (G. Schirmer-521); Widerspruch(m) (Lawson-Gould 513).

Schumann, R., Blaue Augen hat das Madchen(m) (C. F. Peters-2392); Die Rose Stand Im Tau(m) (Carl Fischer-CM2109).

Schuman, W., Attention, Ladies(e) (Theodore Presser-342-40029); Four Rounds on Famous Words(e) (Theodore Presser); Holiday Song(e) (G. Schirmer-9866).

Thompson, R., The Pasture(e) (E. C. Schirmer-2181-2); Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening(e) (E. C. Schirmer-2181-6); Tarantella(m) (E. C. Schirmer-560); The Testament of Freedom(m) (E. C. Schirmer-2118).

Tye, C, O Come Ye Servants of the Lord(e) (H. W. Gray-1776).

Vaughan Williams, R., Dives and Lazarus(m) (Oxford Univ. Press-673); Drinking Song(m) (Oxford Univ. Press); Let Us Now Praise Famous Men(m) (Curwen&Sons); The Vagabond(m) (Boosey&Hawkes-5454).

Victoria, T., Ave Maria(e) (G. Schirmer-1776); Jesu Dulcis(m) (E. C. Schirmer-79); O Sacrum Convivium(m) (Oxford Univ. Press); O Vos Omnes(m) (E. C. Schirmer-915).

Washburn, R., Three Shakespearean Folk Songs(m) (Oxford Univ. Press-95-109).

Wilbye, J., Weep O Mine Eyes(e) (Associated Music Pub.-31-6).

Willan, H., Missa Brevis(m) (Concordia Pub. House-63118).

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