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One of the most important qualities of good public relations is that of sharing the honors. If other faculty members contribute to the success of a concert or appearance, be certain that this is made public. Often they can be thanked publicly at the beginning or end of the performance. See that the names of persons who have contributed in some way are acknowledged on the program when one is printed. Do not be afraid to back out of the way and let others receive credit. One method is to send a newspaper release before the event that advertises the performance but also credits people contributing in other than musical ways. An example would be to publicize the work of the art department that is contributing backdrops for a concert. Have a picture taken of the art teacher at work with students on the backdrops. Also effective is a photo of soloists for a concert. This not only credits people who help you but spurs them on to even greater achievements.

When possible, cooperate with other departments and offer assistance when you can be of help. Musicians too often are labeled as temperamental and unwilling to cooperate with others. This does not have to be the case. Contribute to the total success of the school, and the choral music department will benefit, just as will everyone else.

Public relations with the community

Become acquainted with the people who are program directors of local radio and television stations, editors of newspapers, officers of music clubs, officers of service clubs, and people with other similar positions. If you are new in a community, you will want the opportunity to talk about the choral department you are trying to build. Write a short, concise statement of what you are trying to do, and never pass up any opportunity to "tell your story."

Buy some thank you notes and keep them in your desk. When people do something for your department, thank them in writing as well as in person. People enjoy being thanked for their efforts. They will be more willing to help the next time if their remembrance of the first experience is good.

The news release is the logical means by which the choral director can present information about the department to the local news media. Each newspaper and radio or television station will not be able to send reporters to solicit information about your program. They will not always know the right time to expect a news story from your department.

When you write a news release put all of the pertinent information into the first paragraph so a reader can determine the nature of the entire article from the first paragraph. Not everybody will have time to read all of every article in the newspaper but they will be able to grasp the gist of your story from the first few sentences.

Use correct grammar with a minimum of words. When students' names are involved be sure that they are spelled correctly and that they are the proper names (do not use nicknames). Avoid musical terms that the layman will not understand.

Release the story early so there will be an adequate amount of time for the editor to determine its usability, check to see if he wants more information, and rewrite the story where necessary. Most news stories will be rewritten. This is done mostly so the articles in the newspaper are consistent regarding style. After you have sent several releases to editors, it is good to call them or visit them to see if your releases meet their requirements. Modify them to fit the particular needs of the editors. If you feel that you need help writing releases ask for it from fellow teachers or from someone in the community who has some special skills in this area.

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