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English home language

Grade 9

Money and other matters

Module 9

Upgrading your vocabulary

Activity 1:

Upgrading our vocabulary

[lo 6.1]

These words you should rather use in place of nice , get or a lot of .

Wonderful, bought, much, many, had, lovely, friendly, received, found

  • Choose a word from the list above to replace the underlined words in the following sentences. You may use each word only once.
  • Jim got Della a nice present for Christmas
  • There was a lot of love between them.
  • Della got a solution to her problem.
  • Jim and Della were nice people.
  • There were a lot of presents to choose from.
  • There were a lot of presents to choose from
  • lla got twenty dollars for her hair.
  • “The Christmas Present” was a nice story.

Activity 2:


[lo 6.2]

  • Rewrite the following paragraph filling in the capital letters and full stops.

della said jim i wanted to buy you the best christmas present ever i went to see madame sofronie who owns hair goods of all things she gave me twenty dollars i searched the shops for a gift worthy of james willingham young i found just the right thing at 142 high street in new york

Activity 3:

Word formation

[lo 6.2]

Develop your language skills to communicate clearly and confidently.

  • Change the form of the underlined word so that it fits into the sentence.e.g. He has a very success career. → successful

Della was nerve about cutting her hair.

At last she found a suit present for Jim.

Jim’s Christmas present filled her with happy .

The beauty combs were just what Della wanted.

Jim’s watch was expense.

Her calculate of the cost was inaccurate.

She uttered an ecstasy scream of joy.

The peculiar of his expression confused her.

Activity 4:

Listening skills

  • Your teacher will read you the conversation Pumla has with the shop assistant. Take note of what you have to do!

Listen carefully.

Circle all the items mentioned in the conversation.

Fill in the prices next to the items.

Pay attention to the quantities Pumla orders.

Add the amounts Pumla owes to determine the total price of her order.

If Pumla has R60 to pay her bill, how much change will she receive?

Activity 5:

Introductory paragraphs

[lo 4.2]

  • What are the differences between an ARGUMENTATIVE and a DISCURSIVE piece of writing?

“Advertisements exploit our weaknesses and turn us into dunces incapable of making wise choices. We are victims of the advertising industry."

  • Write the INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH of an argumentative OR discursive essay on the above topic. Use the techniques suggested by your teacher to compile the paragraph of 100 – 120 words.
4 3 2 1
Main/Topic Idea Sentence Main/Topic idea sentence is clear, correctly placed, and is restated in the closing sentence. Main/Topic idea sentence is either unclear or incorrectly placed, and is restated in the closing sentence. Main/Topic idea sentence is unclear and incorrectly placed, and is restated in the closing sentence. Main/Topic idea sentence is unclear and incorrectly placed, and is not restated in the closing sentence
Supporting Detail Sentence(s) Paragraph(s) have three or more supporting detail sentences that relate to the main idea. Paragraph(s) have two supporting detail sentences that relate back to the main idea. Paragraph(s) have one supporting detail sentence that relates to the main idea. Paragraph(s) have no supporting detail sentences that relate to the main idea.
Elaborating Detail Sentence(s) Each supporting detail sentence has three or more elaborating detail sentences. Each supporting detail sentence has at least two elaborating detail sentences. Each supporting detail sentence has one elaborating detail sentence. Each supporting detail sentence has no elaborating detail sentence.
Legibility Legible handwriting, typing, or printing. Marginally legible handwriting, typing, or printing. Writing is not legible in places. Writing is not legible.
Mechanics and Grammar Paragraph has no errors in punctuation, capitalisation, and spelling. Paragraph has one or two punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors. Paragraph has three to five punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors. Paragraph has six or more punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors.

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