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English home language

Grade 5


Module 6


  1. Do you know what the following are used for? Write down your answers on a sheet of paper or in your workbook. Reply in writing, as above.

(a) face-cloth

(b) face-cream

(c) face-powder

(d) face-pack

(e) face-lift

2. What does it mean to…

(a) save face?

(b) be face to face with someone?

(c) put on a brave face ?

[LO 3.6]

Fight! Fight!(Adapted)

1. These paragraphs are not in the correct order.

2. Cut them out and paste them down on a folio page in a logical order.

3. Work with a partner and compare your order with that of another group.

A. “You again, Wood?” the teacher shouted, enraged. “I’ve just about had enough of you today. Get to the Headmaster immediately!”

B. Rihaan was bent double, coughing and spluttering.

C. “Please, sir, he started it, sir”, he said, pointing at Rihaan. “He just came up and hit me for nothing.”

D. “Stop it!” thundered a voice in Brad’s ear. Mr. Singh had hurried late from the staffroom to do his playground duty.

E. A punch to Rihaan’s mouth signalled the beginning of the end of it. One of Brad’s punches was blocked by Rihaan. He aimed a blow at the top of Brad’s head. The first glanced off his forearm and almost the full force of the punch went on to sink into Rihaan’s throat, full on his Adam’s apple.

F. Brad stared at him with angry eyes.

G. He turned to Brad whose name he could not remember. “And you, boy. Get up there and tell the Headmaster why I sent you. For fighting,” he reminded them unnecessarily. “Go on!”

H. No fighter can go on without wind, and nothing stops breathing quicker than a chop to the throat. Within two seconds, Rihaan was reduced to an open target. Brad took a step back, pulled back his right arm, and took aim at Rihaan’s nose. There was a sudden silence from the crowd. This was the climax. Everyone was waiting.

I. Rihaan, his eyes red and bulging, managed to draw a couple of shaky, sobbing breaths.

You will realise that many answers sound correct and make sense, even though they differ from group to group!

[LO 2.1.6; 3.1.3; 5.3.5]


What types of punishment are you given at home and at school?

What types of punishment are the most effective?

What punishment would you give for …

…fighting, … stealing? …vandalism? …disobedience?
…smoking? …swearing? …cheating? …lying?

[LO 1.6; 1.7; 2.1.5; 2.1.6; 2.2.1; 2.4.3]

Let’s talk about . . . handlingCONFLICT

  • OK – so instead of beating each other up, they could have solved the problem by . . .
  • So what did you do instead? I mean, Rhiaan and Brad are obviously very angry with each other!
  • What could have been so bad to have caused Rihaan and Brad to get violent?
  • Yes, but one doesn’t have to fight like that. Hitting and punching doesn’t make you a hero.
  • I don’t like fighting. I think it is . . .
  • Hmm, and what do you prove by fighting? You end up . . .
  • How could I, as an onlooker, have helped to diffuse the situation?

Separate into groups and discuss the statements and queries.

Jot your answers down on a sheet of newsprint.

After the allotted time, present your findings to your peers.

Questions & Answers

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