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ATM safety

Credit card management

Advantages and nature of cheque accounts

How the bank can assist your business undertaking

How to plan and manage your own finances

See if you can obtain some of their brochures from your local bank.

  1. Marketing

A bank uses various strategies to market its services.

  1. Target groups

A bank divides its clients into various groups according to age and interests. There are special packages available to young people and also to pre-scholars.

Listen to the following questions and statements made by a commercial bank:

Be your own banker at the age of 12!

Do you want to manage your own finances as a teenager?

Would you like to see the money grow in your savings account?

Ask you parents to deposit your allowance in a Mega Save Account.

Use your Mega Card for cash withdrawals.

Simply draw your card through the terminal and pay!

It sounds so easy – especially to a teenager!

Sportsmen and -women are also targets. There are cards available especially to cyclists, and one for Comrades supporters. There is a Currie Cup interest rate for vehicle financing, and many others.

The aged are also targeted. There are special savings plans for funerals as well as special interest rates for retired people.

Collect as many of these marketing pamphlets as you can. They are available at commercial banks and through the post, and also in magazines.

Compare them to determine if there is one bank that impresses you more than the other.

  1. Competitions

“Use your credit card this month for purchases of R2 000,00 or more, and stand a chance to win one of the following fantastic prizes:

2 Mercedes C class

1 double first class air ticket to any destination worldwide.

7 days in Mauritius for two.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it! Let’s go and spend money!

Group work

Discuss in your groups why a bank encourages the use of credit cards by means of such competitions.

[LO 4.5]

  1. Competition time!

Divide into groups of your own choice

Establish a bank of your own.

Decide on a name and logo for you bank.

Market your bank by using brochures, advertisements and posters. (You must “sell” your bank to the public.)

Appoint a panel of judges to choose the “best bank” in class on the strength of its marketing strategy.

[LO 4.5]


LO 3

Management, Consumer and Financial Knowledge and Skills

The learner is able to apply and demonstrate, in a responsible manner, knowledge as well as a range of management, consumer and financial skills.

We know this when the learner :

3.3 finds out and discusses how a savings account is opened at a bank, and completes deposit and withdrawal slips;

3.4 discusses the value of savings and thrift and people’s difficulty in saving if basic needs are not met.

LO 4

Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills

The learner will be able to demonstrate entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes.

We know this when the learner :

4.5 discusses the four elements of the marketing mix in a simple business activity (product, price, place, promotion).


  • Teacher facilitates. Note size of amounts that have been spent. Is there a balance between money received and money spent?
  • Draw up a bank statement by using previous example.

Group work

  • Interest = income for bank

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