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Your task is to say how the agents managed to get the scientists across the river.

Hint : five crossings from bank to bank should complete the mission.

Let’s see which group is the first to come up with the solution.

LO 5.4.2
LO 5.4.3


Do this with your partner.

Make a plaster cast of a distinctive shoe print to use as an exhibit in a court case. Write clear instructions for the procedure and demonstrate it to the class.

LO 4.1.2


LO 4
WRITING The learner is able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.
We know this when the learner:
4.1 writes different kinds of texts for different purposes and audiences:
4.1.1 writes for personal, exploratory, playful, imaginative and creative purposes (e.g. journals, poems, myths, dialogues, argumentative essays);
4.1.2 writes informational texts expressing ideas clearly and logically for different audiences (e.g. research report, letter to the newspaper, technical instructions);
4.3 presents work with attention to neatness and enhanced presentation (e.g. cover, content page, layout, and appropriate illustrations or graphics);
4.4 applies knowledge of language at various levels:
4.4.1 word level;
4.4.2 sentence level;
LO 5
THINKING AND REASONING The learner is able to use language to think and reason, as well as to access, process and use information for learning.
We know this when the learner:
5.2 uses language to investigate and explore:
5.2.1 asks critical questions that challenge and seek alternative explanations;
5.4 uses language to think creatively:
5.4.2 invents and describes preferred results or endings;
5.4.3 hypothesises and offers alternatives when trying to solve a problem.
LO 6
LANGUAGE STRUCTURE AND USE The learner will know and be able to use the sounds, words and grammar of the language to create and interpret texts.
We know this when the learner:
6.2 works with sentences:
6.2.1 uses subject-verb concord;
6.2.5 uses punctuation correctly (e.g. comma to separate subordinate clause form main clause).


U sing B etter V erbs

  1. limped
  2. sped
  3. galloped
  4. waddled
  5. whirred
  6. toddled
  7. sneaked
  8. plunged
  9. marched
  10. past tense

S uitable V erbs

A detective solves crimes.

A surgeon performs operations.

An author writes books.

A host entertains guests.

A botanist studies plants.

Crime Stop

1. pain heel made groan

2. whole currant piece

3. muscles two bane

4. cell fined foul

Words which sound the same , but are spelt differently.

Crime Busters

Alibi plea that when the alleged act took place one was elsewhere
Arrested legally seized
Bribe persuade someone to do something dishonest for you
Classify arrange in groups
Criminal person guilty of crime
Criminologist person who studies crime
Customs inspector person who investigates goods
Dactyloscopy study of fingerprints
Evidence facts available as proof
Gangsterism practising violence in a group
Guilty having committed offence
Homicide committing murder
Identify recognise / establish identity
Interpret explain (words or dreams)
Investigator person who inquires or examines
Jury body of persons who give verdict in court
Mystery inexplicable matter
Narcotics drugs
Suspect person believed to be guilty
Testify bear witness

T ry T his I f Y ou D are

  • 5 = 005
  • 7 = 007
  • D = Dr C Hoo Dares
  • F = Dr B A Fraid
  • D and F row across the river;
  • D stays on the far bank;
  • F rows back and gets off;
  • 5 and 7 row over to meet D and 5 stays with D;
  • 7 rows back and fetches F.

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