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True or False?

Answer 17

Question 18

The class named Graphics2D is a superclass of the class named Graphics .

True or False?

Answer 18

Question 19

Translating the origin from the default position at the upper-left corner of a Canvas object to the center of the Canvas object is equivalent to creating a new coordinate frame as explained by Kjell.

True or False?

Answer 19

Question 20

The default direction for increasing vertical coordinate values in a Canvas object is down the screen.

True or False?

Answer 20

Question 21

The default direction for increasing horizontal coordinate values in a Canvas object is from right to left across the screen.

True or False?

Answer 21

Question 22

According to Kjell, a line drawn on the screen using an object of the Line2D.Double class is a true line segment.

True or False?

Answer 22

Question 23

Objects instantiated from the classes named Point2D.Double and Line2D.Double are well suited for inclusion in mathematical operations.

True or False?

Answer 23

Question 24

Creation of 2D and 3D graphics requires that you always display the points.

True or False?

Answer 24

Question 25

A vector is a geometrical object that has two properties: length and direction." He also tells us, "A vector does not have a position.

True or False?

Answer 25

Question 26

A vector must always specify a position.

True or False?

Answer 26

Question 27

Three real numbers are required to represent a vector in a 2D system.

True or False?

Answer 27

Question 28

A column matrix can be used to represent a point and can also be used to represent a vector.

True or False?

Answer 28

Question 29

Different column matrices can be used to represent the same vector in different reference frames, in which case, the contents of the matrices will bedifferent.

True or False?

Answer 29

Question 30

The two (or three) real number values contained in a column matrix to represent a point specify an absolute location in space relative to the currentcoordinate frame.

True or False?

Answer 30

Question 31

The two (or three) real number values contained in a column matrix to represent a vector (in 2D or 3D) specify a displacement of a specific distance from an arbitrary point in an arbitrary direction.

True or False?

Answer 31

Question 32

With regard to a vector, in 2D, the two values contained in a column matrix represent the displacements along three orthogonal axes.

True or False?

Answer 32

Question 33

In the case of 2D, the length of the vector is the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle formed by the x and y displacement values.

True or False?

Answer 33

Question 34

In 2D, the direction of a vector can be determined from the angle formed by the x-displacement and the line segment that represents the hypotenuse of aright triangle formed by the x, y, and z displacements.

True or False?

Answer 34

Question 35

A point is an absolute location , but a vector is a displacement .

True or False?

Answer 35

Question 36

This program instantiates objects from the following non-static top-level classes belonging to the class named GM2D01 :

  • GM2D01.ColMatrix
  • GM2D01.Line
  • GM2D01.Point
  • GM2D01.Vector

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