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This module help us to see structure of various xml tags, like link,exercise..

Cnx stucrure

Introduction to cnxml tags understanding xml terminology complete cnxml tag list

    Tags in the edit-in-place drop-down menu

  • para
  • section
  • code (block)
  • list
  • equation
  • note
  • exercise
  • example
  • table

    Block tags you must manually insert

  • rule
  • defination
  • quote(block)
  • figure
  • preformat

    Inline tags you must manually insert

  1. media
  2. quote (inline)
  3. foreign
  4. code (inline)
  5. sub
  6. sup
  7. preformat (inline)
  8. link
  9. cite
  10. term
  11. title

When you select an element from the drop-down menu and click "Add Here," Edit-In-Place inserts a text box in which you can enter your information for that CNXML element. The opening and closing bracketed tags are written and inserted for you. To add elements to your module that are not in the drop-down menu you must manually write in the code. To do this, click "Switch to Editing Full Source" (for the full module) or open an editable element by clicking on it (for small changes to a single portion of the module). For many elements, such as emphasis, or note, this is not complicated. Just add the opening and closing tags around the text you want to modify, as shown in the following examples:

Using the para Tag


The para tag contains a paragraph of text. The text may contain other CNXML elements and markup.

Attributes para id

Using the figure tag


The figure tag is used to provide the structure for inserting a figure into a CNXML document. A figure may contain an image, multimedia object, or caption tag.

Image upload


figure id="img2"/ titlesample silde 2 (509 x 700)//title media id="img22" alt="Slide"image mime-type="image/jpeg" src="image2.jpg"/ /mediacaption Ziegler-Nichols Method slide 2/caption /figure

First you have to import the file that you want to upload in the FILE section and use the same filename in the code

Sample silde 2 (509 x 700)

Ziegler-Nichols Method slide 2

Exercise tag


The exercise tag is used to present a question or task to the reader, with an optional answer hidden from view until the reader wants to reveal it. The question or task is contained within a problem tag and the answer is contained within a solution tag, both of which are inside the exercise tag.

Example for exercise tag

What is Connexions??

Connexions is a place to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, etc. Anyone may view or contribute:

Code tag


The code tag is used to insert a line or block of computer code (for example a command) into a document.

Enter the command ls /etc to get a listing of configuration files.
Results in this display: Enter the command ls /etc to get a listing of configuration files.

The link tag is used to insert links to external resources.

Attributes(what's this?) *url (conditional): A Web path being linked to. Verify that the location is stable and will not change. You cannot use the "url" attribute in combination with the "document", "target-id", "resource", or "version" attributes. *document (conditional):The id of the module or collection being linked to (default is the present module).*target-id (conditional):The id of an element in a module or collection, such as a section or an image (default is the root element of the target module or collection). Can refer to an element in the present module or, alternately, an element on a seperate module if the "document" attribute has been specified. You cannot use the "target-id" attribute in combination with the "resource" attribute. *resource (conditional)The name of a resource, such as a supplemental PDF or text document (default is nothing). The resource must be a part of the present module or, if the "document" attribute has been specified, must be part of the target module.*version (conditional):The version of the module or collection being linked to (default is the latest version of the module or collection). Can refer to the module you are on or, alternately, a seperate module or collection if the "document" attribute has been specified. * window (optional):Possible values: o replace - The code will navigate to the reference URL in the same current window (default).o new - The code will be navigate to the reference URL in a new window* strength (optional): Possible values:o 1 - Sets link strength to 1 (the weakest) o 2 - Sets link strength to 2 (medium strength)o 3 - Sets link strength to 3 (the strongest) * id (optional): A unique identifier, whose value must begin with a letter and contain only letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, colons, and/or periods (no spaces).

Links must provide a target, so one of the following attributes must be defined: "url", "document", "target-id", "resource", or "version".

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