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The FFT, an efficient way to compute the DFT, is introduced and derived throughout this module.

(Fast Fourier Transform) An efficient computational algorithm for computing the DFT .

The fast fourier transform fft

DFT can be expensive to compute directly k 0 k N 1 X k n 0 N 1 x n 2 k N n

For each k , we must execute:

  • N complex multiplies
  • N 1 complex adds
The total cost of direct computation of an N -point DFT is
  • N 2 complex multiplies
  • N N 1 complex adds
How many adds and mults of real numbers are required?

This " O N 2 " computation rapidly gets out of hand, as N gets large:

N 1 10 100 1000 10 6
N 2 1 100 10,000 10 6 10 12

The FFT provides us with a much more efficient way of computing the DFT. The FFT requires only " O N N " computations to compute the N -point DFT.

N 10 100 1000 10 6
N 2 100 10,000 10 6 10 12
N 10 logbase --> N 10 200 3000 6 6

How long is 10 12 sec ? More than 10 days! How long is 6 6 sec ?

The FFT and digital computers revolutionized DSP (1960 - 1980).

How does the fft work?

  • The FFT exploits the symmetries of the complex exponentials W N k n 2 N k n
  • W N k n are called " twiddle factors "

Complex conjugate symmetry

W N k N n W N k n W N k n 2 k N N n 2 k N n 2 k N n

Periodicity in n and k

W N k n W N k N n W N k N n 2 N k n 2 N k N n 2 N k N n W N 2 N

Decimation in time fft

  • Just one of many different FFT algorithms
  • The idea is to build a DFT out of smaller and smaller DFTs by decomposing x n into smaller and smaller subsequences.
  • Assume N 2 m (a power of 2)


N is even , so we can complete X k by separating x n into two subsequences each of length N 2 . x n N 2 n even N 2 n odd k 0 k N 1 X k n 0 N 1 x n W N k n X k n 2 r x n W N k n n 2 r 1 x n W N k n where 0 r N 2 1 . So

X k r 0 N 2 1 x 2 r W N 2 k r r 0 N 2 1 x 2 r 1 W N 2 r 1 k r 0 N 2 1 x 2 r W N 2 k r W N k r 0 N 2 1 x 2 r 1 W N 2 k r
where W N 2 2 N 2 2 N 2 W N 2 . So X k r 0 N 2 1 x 2 r W N 2 k r W N k r 0 N 2 1 x 2 r 1 W N 2 k r where r 0 N 2 1 x 2 r W N 2 k r is N 2 -point DFT of even samples ( G k ) and r 0 N 2 1 x 2 r 1 W N 2 k r is N 2 -point DFT of odd samples ( H k ). k 0 k N 1 X k G k W N k H k Decomposition of an N -point DFT as a sum of 2 N 2 -point DFTs.

Why would we want to do this? Because it is more efficient!

Cost to compute an N -point DFT is approximately N 2 complex mults and adds.
But decomposition into 2 N 2 -point DFTs + combination requires only N 2 2 N 2 2 N N 2 2 N where the first part is the number of complex mults and adds for N 2 -point DFT, G k . The second part is the number of complex mults and adds for N 2 -point DFT, H k . The third part is the number of complex mults and adds for combination. And the total is N 2 2 N complex mults and adds.


For N 1000 , N 2 10 6 N 2 2 N 10 6 2 1000 Because 1000 is small compared to 500,000, N 2 2 N 10 6 2

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So why stop here?! Keep decomposing. Break each of the N 2 -point DFTs into two N 4 -point DFTs, etc. , ....

We can keep decomposing: N 2 1 N 2 N 4 N 8 N 2 m 1 N 2 m 1 where m 2 logbase --> N times

Computational cost: N -pt DFTtwo N 2 -pt DFTs. The cost is N 2 2 N 2 2 N . So replacing each N 2 -pt DFT with two N 4 -pt DFTs will reduce cost to 2 2 N 4 2 N 2 N 4 N 4 2 2 N N 2 2 2 2 N N 2 2 p p N As we keep going p 3 4 m , where m 2 logbase --> N . We get the cost N 2 2 2 logbase --> N N 2 logbase --> N N 2 N N 2 logbase --> N N N 2 logbase --> N N N 2 logbase --> N is the total number of complex adds and mults.

For large N , cost N 2 logbase --> N or " O N 2 logbase --> N ", since N 2 logbase --> N N for large N .

N 8 point FFT. Summing nodes W n k twiddle multiplication factors.

Weird order of time samples

This is called "butterflies."

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