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Dit was lekker daar bo in Hanoverstraat

C. Answer the following questions:

  1. To what does “Alibama” refer?
  2. What is a rietkooi? Does it have anything to do with the Alibama as such? Motivate.
  3. Which other songs can be added to these?
  4. Do you agree with the expression “Ghoema is Woema”? Motivate.
  5. From what has the word “ghommaliedjie” been derived?
  6. Define the word “ghommaliedjie”.
  7. What is the most important musical element of ghoema moppie music?
  8. From what has the word “moppie” been derived?
  9. Give a definition of the word “moppie”.
  10. What is the difference between a moppie and a ghomma song?
  11. Name the groups who mostly sing ghoema songs and the groups who mostly sing moppies.
  12. What are they poking fun at in the moppie below?

Skinnery in die washuis

deur Abdullah Isaacs

Tapsiela met haar groot bek kan baie raas

Sy maak skandaal in die ou wasplaas;

Sy sê Gasbieya is skeel,

Nou wil Gasbieya vir haar verbeel

En verder

Oe Tapsiela, Gafiela en Jamiela,

Pasop! Pasop!

Hier kom motjie Dingie met haar lang snuif lip;

Haar gevreet lyk so plat soos ‘n ou wasklip.

(xiii) Write your own moppie in which you poke fun at a famous person, politician, etc.


A The following item appeared in a local newspaper on 7 March 1995:

CAPE TOWN. Anneline Malebo, a member of the pop group Joy who was responsible for the hit song Paradise Road , is to be buried in Guguletu on Saturday.

The funeral service will be held in a large tent in an open field near her family home nr. 8 in NY 46. She will be buried after the service in the Guguletu cemetery.

It is not yet known at what time the funeral sevice will commence.

Explain the relationship between this news report and the tendency to refer to the song Paradise Road as the unofficial Aids anthem.


Come with me down Paradise Road

This way please, I’ll carry along

This you won’t believe

Come with me to Paradise Place

Just outside and open your eyes

This you won’t believe

There are better days before us

And the burning bridge behind us

By us spoken;

The sky is burning

There’s a woman waiting weeping

And a young man nearly beaten

All for love

Paradise is almost closing down.

B. Listen to the second recording of this song by Jannie Moolman and the Zulu choral group Colenso Abafana of Ladysmith. Answer the following questions:

  1. What voice type does Jannie Moolman have?
  2. What does Abafana mean?
  3. Describe the style of the song group.
  4. Motivate why this song can be considered an example of “a mixture of styles in music”?

2.1.4 These are the words of the first part of The Click Song. Add the pronunciation and the English words. Which artist made this song famous?

Xhosa (the pronunciation below the Xhosa) Afrikaans…………………………………………………….
I gqi ra
Len dle la
Ngu Gqon gqo thwa ne



A. Divide into four groups. Each group uses one of the songs they have learnt to demonstrate the following:

  1. The musical elements: Tempo, Rhythm, Beat, Dynamism
  2. How these elements influence the character of the music

B. Briefly describe the meaning of the following terms:





Activity 2:

To compose an accompaniment for a south african song

[lo 3.7]

Follow the educator’s instructions and compose your own accompaniments for the songs that you learnt in Activity 1.


Learning Outcomes(LOs)
LO 3
PARTICIPATION AND COOPERATION The learner is able to display personal and social skills while participating in arts and culture activities as an individual and in a group
Assessment Standards(ASs)
We know this when the learner:
GENERAL In regard to 3.1 – 3.8 below:
  • is able to transform personal experiences into forms of expression;
  • is able to make his or her own contribution within the group;
  • discusses, plans and shares resources with others in producing a collective artwork or presentation to promote nation building in South Africa;
MUSIC (3.6 – 3.7)
  • sings and/or plays South African songs from various cultures with appropriate rhythm, tempo and dynamics;
  • creates suitable melodic or non-melodic accompaniment for any South African folk song, anthem or melody;

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